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Dragonball GP

Episode 1: Return of an Old Foe!

Immense power was emitted from the training between two powerful entities known as Goten and his best friend, Trunks. It would seem that Future Trunks was passing away slowly, so in a last ditch effort to save himself in the present, he presents Super Trunks with a sword to defend against all that is evil. The Z fighters have aged 5 years since their last major battle with the Evil Shenrons. Since then they have gained unimaginable power. They have exceeded all of their limits and expectations to achieve even higher plateaus of pure ki. One and a half years ago, they heard rumors of another budokai starting up in Satan City. Unexpectedly, Raditz shows up in front of Goten and Trunks, able to go Super Saiyan, wearing Bulma's enhanced recreation of Vegeta's saiyan armor, beaten up bloodstained thanks to 34 years of training. Raditz thought he was strong, but then he sensed Trunks and Goten's ki level and decided to see if who they were and how they got so much power. Raditz arrived on earth by sneaking out of the portal created for Hellfighter and Android # 17. Then he hid away and trained some more after he escaped. He flew over rapidly towards Trunks and Goten and asked them who they were. They responded with their names and their father's. He was surprised to hear their father's names. He asked what they were training for and they responded with, "We are training for a World Tournament that is coming up. Who are you any way?"

"It so happens that I am the greatest Saiyan that ever LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVED!!"

Raditz suddenly powers up with great concentration, pumping his arms full of ki. His upper body receives a shot of ki, and it pulsates throughout his whole body. Trunks and Goten feel the full extent of his power, and are fighting just to stay in the air. One eye closed, Goten powers up to his maximum power, holding his hands in front of his face. Goten's outfit, Goku's old outfit, rips, showing his whole upper body, muscles and all. His muscles are now bulging with incredible power. He turns his head towards Trunks' direction, signaling their special signal. A signal they haven't used in 17 long years. Trunks powers up to the same level as Goten, not Trunks' max.

"FUUUUUUU-SION! HAAAA," scream Trunks and Goten at the top of their lungs. A huge burst of blinding bright light, almost as bright as the Solar Flare, is emitted from the power of fusion. Raditz is startled. A lone figure emerged from the blinding light wearing a purple and yellow vest and white baggy pants. "I am Gotenks! the second most powerful being in the universe!" said the figure that sounded like a combination of both goten and trunks.

"That is nice to know, now where is Kakorot!!" yelled Raditz

"You'll have to get through me first if you wanna see goku!"

"Well actually, I wanna .bash your head in!" said Raditz "I used to be an elite warrior for the young saiyan prince Vegeta! I was one of his right hand men, when there was a fight I was there to finish it, and now I will finish this here and now ! His muscles bulged and when he yelled and the ground started to shake violently.

People off in satan city felt the ground shaking and grabbed hold of the closest thing that was available. Off on roshi's Island Launch had finally returned because she had realized that that was probably the safest place to be according to her condition. After drinking a youth tonic and she was restored to the way she was seen in dragonball.

Master roshi slightly felt the ground shake so he grabbed launch's chest. She screamed and turned around and slapped him. Roshi's nose started to bleed and he felt to the ground. Lying unconscious on the ground as Launch kicks him in the gut rapidly dust sprays up and she sneezes her form changes to a tall attractable blond with an uzi. She is wearing a pink tank top and green cargo pants. She yells "pervert!" she starts shooting around him until she runs out of ammo.

"I've felt kakorot's power growing over the years, even down in hell I could feel it. Then when he came down with that green man I only hid and watched him beat the living hell out of those powerful aliens, but when I watched him fight that buu creature I was astounded that he had actually became a super saiyan 3 as he calls it. I watched from behind babadi as he cursed out Majin buu. Everyone cheered when majin buu went inside that vegetto person. I think that he was just a fluke in what could have been a more powerful being!"

I Raditz have dedicated my life to defeating Kakorot and getting my revenge on that damn bitch!! I will kill him by the time I .Gotenks cut him off and said "Ok I don't need to hear your life story, I have a half and hour in this form and I intend to use it. Now stop wasting my time!" Gotenks sailed right into raditz and knocked the wind out of him. Blood flew from his mouth and he hit the ground hard.

"You got a cheap shot, but now you'll get what's coming to you!"

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