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Dragonball GP

Episode 2: Gotradenks

"Whuh?! How could the both of you become one," Raditz remarked in astonishment.

"It's simple," said the combined goten and trunks. "All you need is the same power level, and a gay dance. Any half witted moron could learn it. Look at Goku for example. He learned it."

"Kakarot learned it?! I don't even remember the first thing you just said! But I really want to...," suddenly Raditz lunges forward toward Gotenks and a deafening smack cuffs Gotenks' chin. "There we go. Now we're even."

"Even for what you dumbass? That really, really, really hurt!" Gotenks' cheeks started to glisten with tears.

"Even for that cheap shot you took on me when I was talking before. Besides…" Once again, Raditz lunges forward and suddenly disappears in front of Gotenks' eyes. Gotenks starts flailing as he is hit hard on the top of his head. Luckily, he has a thick head, so the attack did not take full effect. All the way down to the ground, Gotenks falls, trying to stop himself all the way down. Raditz stops attacking and realizes that this is the area where his own brother fought against the Saiyan Prince so many years ago. A huge crater appears under the weight and impact of Gotenks' body. He rebounds quickly and rushes towards Raditz with amazing speed. Surprisingly, Raditz just stands there waiting for the blow.

"Aren't you gonna do anything Raditz?! I'm about to blow your head off with my Dynamite Punch!"

Raditz, standing there with complete anticipation and foresight and comfortableness just laughed with overconfidence. "You really think you can defeat me with such miniscule attacks? Don't you know? I am an elite Saiyan Warrior!!"

"Well obviously, I just heard your life story!"

Gotenks extends his left arm and punches him in the gut, thinking, "Okay, now it's set. And now the right arm…"

A blinding explosion covers five miles, tearing the land up into rubble and dust. It would seem that the smoke won't go away for a while, so Gotenks powers up to an ascended Super Saiyan 3 to try to blow away the dust. As he's doing that, he is hit, seemingly lightly by a long haired foe.

With sarcasm, Gotenks exclaims, "Ouchie! That hurt. You're such a moron Raditz. I felt you coming from a mile away. You're gonna have to do a lot better than…" He stops speaking to dodge the slow Raditz with ease.

"I see you've gotten a little stronger. Well lets how you can handle THIIIIIIIIIISS!!!"

Huge,hard muscles start to sprout from all over Raditz's body as he kept drawing in just mind bending power. "How could someone draw in so much power? Did he use the Spirit Bomb technique as a way to draw in energy? What will become of me? Yikes," thought Gotenks.

Rocks and trees were being uprooted, as all of the dust was blown away in an instant. If anything came within 500 feet of Raditz, whatever it was would dissolve instantaneously. Every life force around was being sapped of its life force, but Raditz had a weird way of doing it. First he went to the ground to get all set up. He extended both of is arms to the left. Gotenks is now trying to perfect an attack. He extends both of his arms to the right, charging up a blast in order to blow away Raditz for good. Raditz moves his arms in unison up over his head to the opposite side, and Gotenks follows what Raditz is doing, and exact mirror image without knowing it. The ball of ki gets a lot larger as Gotenks moves his arms over his head and to the left. He flies quickly towards Raditz, matching his power exactly, as Raditz lifts his left leg up and moves his arms over to the left once more and finally moves his arms towards the right, his body leaning towards the left, left arm over his head and right arm extending just at chest level. His pointer fingers are extended in order to draw in power for his finger tips. Gotenks does this exact same thing, powering at Raditz's acceleration and increase speed in power. He concentrates an enormous mass of condensed ki into his fingertips in order to touch fingertips with Raditz, so that he can slice off his increasingly large source of power. Their fingertips meet and a blinding large light appears and they see each other after 5 minutes of recuperation, transparent like, like a ghostly image, fading in and out at times. They are all now inside the body of this newly formed person known as Gotradenks (Goh-Truh-Danks).

He has long blond hair like a Super Saiyan 3 that reaches all the way down to the back of his legs. He looks like Raditz with Trunks' and Goten's facial features. He is about 2 inches taller than Raditz's height. He has silverish purple highlights, even in Super Saiyan 3 form.

"How did we end up here," Raditz thought to himself.

And Gotenks answered…

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