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Dragonball GP

Episode 3: The Subconscious Battle

"H-How could we have combined into one being?! I-I don't understand!" Raditz says in his subconscious.

Gotenks told him, "It's simple really. We were fighting at equal strength, and we accidentally performed the dance. It's just never happened before. It's pretty funny when you think about it.."

"How could you possibly think this is funny," exclaimed Raditz, "and anyway, we still have a battle to worry about. Prepare for the subconscious battle. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Raditz flies towards Gotenks extending his left fist, but Gotenks puts his arms to block, and he feels a sharp pain in the back of his neck. Gotenks recovers and is about to shoot a ki blast, but Raditz is nowhere to be found. He looks around, but still, no Raditz.

"SPECIAL BEAM CANNON," Raditz yells.

Gotenks looks up and sees a drilling blast that is spiraling towards him and thinks, "How could Raditz possibly know SPECIAL BEAM CANNON? I thought only Piccolo knew it."

"Well you're wrong. I have perfected the attack that killed me."

"How did you hear what I thought?"

"We're in the same body, remember?"

Gotenks dodges the attack and is instantly slammed into the ground.While on the ground, Gotenks powers up a little more. A crater inside the brain appears. Gotenks and Raditz keel over in pain clutching their heads. They are in tremendous pain.

Gotenks thinks to himself, "That stupid idiot! Didn't he know that this would happen?"

"Obviously not. If I did, would I do it?"

Gotenks recovers first because he is thick headed and spits out 3 ghostlike creatures that look like him. Raditz has already recovered and is looking in awe.

"What are those?" Raditz asks.

"They are going to be your demise. Go 1, 2, and 3!!"

The ghosts fly over to Raditz at immense speeds, but Raditz easily dodges them. Raditz punches one in the face and it explodes. Raditz flies back only to meet another explosion on his back. He is sent sprawling forward towards the last ghost. Raditz shoots a ki blast and hits it. It explodes.

"You think those little tricks can harm me? You are mistaken. Let me power up to your level of super saiyan even though I am already stronger than you in this state. I will go your so called super saiyan 3 just to show you how small of a chance you have against me. You will die here! AAAAAAAHHHHHH," Raditz yelled.

Raditz's power grew and grew and so did his muscles and hair. His muscles bulged out about 2 more inches from his body. Gotenks watched, frightened of his power thinking, "is there no end to his power?"

"You are right! There is no end to my enormous power. Are you going to explode from the force of my ki aura?"

"Not very likely," Gotenks said as he was struggling against Raditz's power. Gotenks had to power up a bit more just to stop himself from going backwards. Raditz was surprised at his power, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. Gotenks tried flying toward him and hitting him, but it had no effect. He threw punches and kicks, but it still didn't work.

"KAAAA-MEEEEEE-HAAAAA-MEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAA!" yelled Gotenks. As he said that, he defused becoming Goten and Trunks. After that, Gotradenks was no more and all three screamed in joy.

"Prepare for a real battle," yelled Raditz, "because here I come!" In that instant, Raditz disappears and Goten and Trunks are on the ground in pain. They get up slowly, but Raditz hits them both down again. Raditz holds them both up by one leg, Goten in Raditz's right hand, and Trunks in the other.

"Goten, are you okay," Trunks asked.

"I think so. Are you?"

"I have some scratches and bruises, but other than that, I am just fine. I think my nose is broken though."

Raditz powers down to super saiyan. "I guess I am too strong for you two. My power is amazing isn't it?"

"Not that powerful," they say in unison. As they say that, Raditz is shot by a series of ki blasts in the gut.

"I shouldn't have powered down," Raditz said. He powers up to super saiyan 2. They all float up slowly and prepare for another battle.

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