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Dragonball GP

Episode 4: A Saiyan's Blood Spilled

"Now this ends" said Raditz "after that annoying fusion thing now we can finally settle this!"

" Raditz, I don't think you understood that fusion dance very well, let us show you how it goes again." said trunks

Goten and Trunks attempt the fusion dance but nothing happens. They look at each other in an odd way and try again nothing happens. They decide that it's probably best to attack on their own. They power up to super saiyan level 2 they turn and look at each other and nod they attack with a ki blast in each hand. Suddenly Raditz is gone. They stopped charging and looked around. He comes up behind them. They turn and ask how he disappeared.

"I learned the same technique that your father learned on the planet yardrat.

"SHUT UUUUUUUP!!!!!!!" yelled Goten and trunks in unison.

They attacked him with a ki ball in each hand. They nailed him in the gut. His armor indented and he bulged his muscles and the dent was gone. Raditz looked at them in raged and punched them into a stonewall. They made the wall crack on impact. He threw a ki ball that dug through the stone around them and came back to him. He powered up, raced up to them and punched their guts as hard as he could in his state of ssj2. The battle raged on, trunks and Goten were double-teaming Raditz. Finally Raditz had had enough of this child play. He grabbed their heads and slammed them together so hard that they created a sonic boom. They turned and shot a huge blast at Raditz. He caught it and tried to throw it back at them. Trunks shot an attack called Big Bang, which is a ball of pure destructive energy. The ball launched right through the massive group of energy that Raditz was holding. Raditz Through the ball when the big bang started absorbing the energy around it. The Big bang shot through the ball and hit Raditz in the face.

"Damn you kids," yelled Raditz

"You won't win; if you try harder we will get stronger." Said Trunks

Raditz turned and struck Trunks in the cheek. Trunks retaliated by throwing a punch at Raditz. Raditz flew back and his image faded. Trunks looked around and he felt a strong energy near by but Trunks didn't know where. Suddenly a loud explosion came from about a mile away.

"That can't be. His power seems closer than that," said Trunks, "Hey, where did Goten go?"

"I Hope Trunks is doing ok against that jerk." Said Goten

"Who are you calling a jerk you small twit!" Argued Raditz

Goten Turned around but no one was there. He shot rapid blasts at the area around him.

"Where the hell are you Raditz?" Yelled Goten

"Look up boy."

"Huh," said Goten.

Raditz charged from behind and jabbed him in the back and Goten flew down about fifty feet and slammed into the ground. The ground cracked and splintered. A crater formed beneath the impact of Goten hitting the ground.

"Trunks help" yelled Goten

"No one can help you now boy!" threatened Raditz

Trunks heard Goten's voice echo off of the tall rock columns that lined the area. Then he locked on to Goten's ki and headed towards it. When he got to Goten he found him pinned to a column with Raditz's hand up to his neck. Raditz kept on pushing Goten deeper and deeper into the column. Suddenly a blast shot up from the ground and nicked Trunks's cheek. "Goten charge up a ki ball and lodge it into him. A yellow Ball of energy formed in the center of Goten's hand, and he punched Raditz in the stomach and released the ball. The ball dug deeper and deeper into Raditz. Goten shoved him back and Flew away.

"Get back here you little jerk." Yelled Raditz.

"Why don't you make me" Yelled Goten

"Fine I will" answered

Raditz flew up towards Goten at extremely high speeds. He suddenly struck Trunks in the stomach and kicked Goten in the shin. Goten shot a large ball of energy at Raditz. Raditz flew back down to the ground faster than he came up at. He hit the ground and created a crater, a pillar of stone fell into the ball of energy.

"Quick Trunks lets see if we can do the fusion dance!" said Goten.

"Ok lets do now." Agreed Trunks.

They landed on a tall pillar and went into their special poses and performed the dance. "Fu-sion haaaa!" A blinding light filled the air around them and Gotenks walked out.

"Now I'm Ready, how bout' you?" asked Gotenks

"I'm ready as long as we don't combine again." Said Raditz

Off in a town far away two young boys who were pretty special felt energy in the distance. One named Goku Junior was training in a gravity intensified room, turned super sayjin and flew towards Raditz's direction. The other kid, Vegeta Jr., just didn't give a damn.

Meanwhile back with Raditz, Gotenks grabbed Raditz by his hair and threw him into a pillar. Then Gotenks Yelled "Super Die Die Missiles!" hundreds of small ki blasts came from his hands. When they hit Raditz they each made a huge explosion. Finally when Gotenks was done he said, "had enough Raditz?"

"Never, you think such miniscule attacks could affect me?" Said Raditz

"Well it could if you think of it like that but I wasn't, I was thinking of just wiping you out completely anyway." replied Gotenks.

Out flying over and ocean Goku Jr. thinks to himself, "What would great great grandpa do?" Suddenly a person that looks like him stops in front of him and says "Hi I'm Goku, your great, great, great, great, uhhhh, how many greats was that? Anyways, I'm your grandfather."

"What? You're dead though." Said Goku Jr.

"Well I'm not dead but I cant hang out on earth that much." Said Goku. "Anyways, if I were you I'd power up as high as I could go and fight that villain."

Goku Jr. Powers up as high he can go which is an ascended Super Saiyan and shows Goku.

"Is that it?" asks goku.

Goku Jr. nods, and starts to sniffle a little cause he feels bad about his low power level.

"Well I can help that," says Goku Sr.

Goku asks which super saiyan level Goku JR. would like to go.

"Super saiyan level 1,000!" Goku JR. says excitedly.

"Ok, maybe not that high, I don't think your body would stay together for more than a second," says Goku, "Let's keep it reasonable, Ok?"

"Fine, I guess super saiyan level 3 should be good." says Goku Jr.

Goku puts his hand on Goku Jr.'s head and Goku whispers, "Come Forth!" Green scales start to appear all over Goku, and his size increases threefold. The sky turns dark, with swirling clouds. The earth rumbles.

Raditz and Gotenks and look up into the sky and wonder what is happening.

"Didn't the dragon disappear along with Goku about five years ago…," Gotenks thinks to himself.

Goku's eyes turn red, and a deep scratchy voice, that's unlike Goku's yet somehow strangely familiar says, "Wish granted!"

Goku Jr. starts to power up as high as he can, he goes to super saiyan level 2. His hair grows longer and his muscles bulge. He starts to pass that, and then he screams like he is in excruciating pain, but keeps on going. He looks up and then down, his veins bulge on his neck his hair grows again and he starts to sweat. His eyebrows disappear and his muscles grow again his headband stretches.

"I can't go any higher than this." says Goku Jr.

"It's good enough for now, in time you will grow stronger." says Goku.

Goku waves and suddenly a huge dragon comes out of nowhere Goku Jr. waves back and thanks him. Goku Jr. stares off watching Goku leave on the dragon.

"Was that the eternal dragon Shenron?" he asks himself "It doesn't matter I must defeat that evil menace!"

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