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Dragonball GP

Episode 5: The Brave and Mighty Goku Jr.

As Goku Jr flew towards Raditz, he thought to himself, "That was a long time ago. Can I really do it again? That's my second time seeing great-great grandpa Goku. The confidence he instilled in me when he was there and with his words was simply amazing. But I don't know if he was actually serious about me being a strong fighter who has high self-esteem. Can I really defeat Raditz?"

"Just die already," screamed Gotenks.

Raditz rushes forward, elbow pointed out. Suddenly his whole arm receives a huge surge of ki. His muscles bulge and just rip with power.

Gotenks says, "An elbow smash?! What kind of an attack is that? I'll just prove how stupid you are!" Gotenks runs his finger across the bottom of his nostrils, his trademark.

As Raditz is speeding towards Gotenks, Gotenks stands there in the air, his back foot planted against a giant plateau. His arms are forward, ready to catch the elbow. Then, Raditz disappears, and reappears above Gotenks yelling, "You are so ignorant! I guess your parents didn't educate you very well in Martial Arts!"

Gotenks grins. Raditz comes down with a skull cracker of a blow, both hands together. Then a strange thing happens. His whole body passes straight through Gotenks.

"You missed me! I'm right behind you!" Gotenks gives Raditz the stink eye, and Raditz swings around as swift as can be shooting a blast straight through the heart of Gotenks. Literally, straight through. There was no blood or guts anywhere.

"I guess it's getting kind of old. I'll stop…!"

Gotenks is cut off as Raditz screams, "Special. Beam. Cannon!!"

The drilling beam sails straight through the side of Gotenks' neck, as he was trying to dodge the attack.

Goku Jr surveys the battle scene as he just reaches Raditz and sees "The Almighty Raditz" standing there laughing, as blood a veins are split apart and spewing everywhere. The life is being sucked out of him.

"Don't get so cocky Raditz! Because, now you're all mine," Goku Jr. screams. And then he thinks to himself, "Was that me? Did I say that? I sounded like a Grandpa Goku!"

"That's because you are a hero and you have the power to defeat this tyrant. Only you can stop yourself from doing so."

"Grandpa Goku! Is that really you?!"

"Am I really? At least I'm not schizophrenic! Just for that, I'm going to show you my greater power! UhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH," Raditz yelled.

Raditz's hair starts to turn back to its original black color. His hair shrinks and looks a lot like an evil Goku. His clothes change to a red-orange with Master Roshi's training symbol in circle on the front left of his shirt, and then a huge one on the back. Raditz shrinks to a 13-year-old kid's size, and looks a little chubby.

"Now you will witness my true power!"

"But, how come you look a lot like I did as a kid," uttered Goku Jr. in astonishment. "How is the possible?"

"It's simple," remarked Raditz, "I'm not really Raditz. I'm your great-great-great-great uncle. Goku's and Raditz's Saiyan Ancestor. I am the Almighty-Ahh. Forget it! I'm not fooling you! I'm really Raditz. I only look like chibi Goku cause that's what you looked like as a kid. I seemed to have developed another ability on planet Yardrat. The ability to make the opponent think that I'm there childhood self. But really, who the hell am I fooling?"

"Well actually he really fooled me twice over! But I'm not about to let him know that," thought Goku Jr. "Time to die Raditz!"

Already in Super Saiyan 3 form, Goku Jr. cries in frustration at himself and rushes forward wildly, prepared to use his head. Goku Jr's head collides with Raditz and pierces his tough Saiyan armor. He swings with a left hook, right hook, left hook, right hook, repeatedly over and over again and again. Each time a deafening blow to his face and jaw. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

"KameKameKa," screams Goku Jr. A blinding blue, fluorescent light is shot from Goku Jr.'s hands. Suddenly the attempted Kamehameha is surged by a lot of power. Goku Jr. looks over to his left in confusion and sees Gotenks giving Goku Jr. the last of his power.

"N-N-Noooo!!" screams Raditz.

Then, a grin appears on his face…

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