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Dragonball GP

Episode 6: Goku Jr. is Overwhelming

A blinding blue fluorescent light is shot at Raditz. The attempted Kamehameha is suddenly surged by a lot of power by Gotenks. Raditz just stands with a big grin on his face. He gets blown away with the giant ki wave.

"Did it work," asks Gotenks aloud, "because if it didn't, I don't know if I can help Goku Jr. anymore? Then we're screwed." Just then, Gotenks bounces off the ground and Goten and Trunks roll away from each other unconscious.

"NOOOOOOOOO," screams Goku Jr. Just then, he realizes that Raditz had survived. He rushes over to Goten and Trunks cautiously. "Are you all right Goten," asks Goku Jr. No answer. He rushes to Trunks. "Are you all right Trunks," asks Goku Jr. No answer. Goku Jr. screams in anger. His power rises greatly. Raditz tries to attack him from above even though he was going to surprise attack Goku Jr. He couldn't break through the ki shield surrounding Goku Jr.

"What is this great power emanating from him? I don't understand it," thought Raditz. Raditz gets blown back from the power surging out. Goku Jr.'s hair, already in super saiyan 3, grows just a bit longer making him ascended super saiyan 3. He looks up at Raditz and starts laughing.

"You think your super saiyan 3 can defeat my ascended super saiyan 3," he asks confidently.

Raditz just shrugs and replies, "Let's find out!"

Raditz flies towards Goku Jr. with his left hand balled into a fist extended. Goku Jr. puts his arms up to block, but Raditz hooks with his right which juked Goku Jr. Goku Jr. feels a searing pain in his right cheek. Goku Jr. counters by doing a back handspring, and pushes off with two ki charged fists. He lets out a series of punches in Raditz's gut and face, then grabs Raditz's left leg, and throws him into the crater which was created when Gotenks hit the ground earlier. Raditz just stands up and dusts himself off.

"You think those attacks can harm me," Raditz said with dented armor. "Here I come!"

Raditz charges up a little, and flies towards Goku Jr., but he realizes Goku Jr. is nowhere to be found.

"Come out, you coward," Raditz yelled. "Where are you?"

"Here I am," replied Goku Jr. Just then, Raditz was kicked hard across the left side of his face, and is sailing toward a mountain. Raditz can't seem to stop himself, so he shoots a quick powerful ki blast towards the laughing Goku Jr. Luckily, Goku Jr. sees it, and fires an overwhelming ki blast in return. It hits the mountain behind Raditz, and the explosion causes Raditz to sail towards Goku Jr. Goku Jr. teleports to under Raditz, and kicks him up with his right foot. Raditz has no time to counter because he is shot down by a series of regular ki blasts on his back. Raditz hits the ground hard, but the ki blasts don't stop. He is hit twenty feet underground. Goku Jr. stops shooting, and rushes towards Raditz with both arms extended charged with ki. Raditz rolls over on his back and the wind is knocked out of him.

"OOOOOMMPH," muffles Raditz.

"How do you like," replies Goku Jr. triumphantly to Raditz, but Raditz isn't there anymore. Goku Jr. holds up his right fist and Raditz flies back. Raditz recovers and charges toward Goku Jr. Goku Jr. flies forward at Raditz with his left leg extended. They collide and they both fly back. They recover and they are both gone. You can just catch glimpses of them and feel the ki from each blow that they throw at each other. Raditz starts to overpower his opponent, but it seems that all hope is lost when as soon as Raditz throws a punch, it is grabbed, and Raditz is thrown down by his fist. Raditz lands on both palms and does a back handspring to avoid Goku Jr.'s foot. Raditz fires two ki blasts from his hands to the ground and is shot up into the air, regains his balance, and charges up ki in his hands and fires a series of ki blasts at the upcoming Goku Jr. He easily dodges them, but Goku Jr. sees why they were easily dodged. They are following him! Goku Jr. tries to evade, but they just keep coming closer. He starts to fly towards Raditz, but Raditz sees it coming, so he shoots a blast from his mouth. Goku Jr. panics, and there is a big explosion.

"Yes! I've finally done it! I have defeated him," Raditz exclaimed.

Raditz feels a big pain in his right cheek. He looks to where he was only to see Goku Jr. flying toward him with his left arm coked back ready to deliver a powerful punch. He throws the punch at Raditz, and Raditz puts up his arms to block. He feels a little sharp pain in his arms, and he flies even faster toward the ground. He hits, and a 500 foot wide crater appears.

Off in the distance, a Z Warrior is training hard in 400x normal gravity. That fighter has a big ego. His name is Vegeta Jr. He senses something off in the distance. There is a battle going on between two giant forces.

"Is that Kakorot Jr.," Vegeta Jr. asks himself. "He is fighting a strong fighter. No matter. My super saiyan level two should be able to defeat this foe." He stops training and starts flying toward the battle.

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