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Dragonball Z Fanfiction

Like a Pill - LemonKitty
A fic from Vegeta's point of view, about what he went through under Freeza's rule. Very angsty.
Angst/Violence/Depression | R-rated | Uploaded on 10-Jan-2003

Love Lost; Love Found - LemonKitty
Gohan has ended his relationship with Piccolo. Trunks gets excited, thinking that he’ll get a chance to prove his love to Gohan. Unfortunately Trunks sees Gohan kissing Videl. A few months later they’re all at the tournament. Where Videl is defeated by a new fighter… Kia.
Romance/Violence/Action | NC-17-rated | Uploaded on 05-Dec-2002

Black Eyes, Blue Tears - LemonKitty
Vegeta is having nightmare about his past. Not even Bulma's loving embrace can chase them away. But, maybe Goku's can...
Romance | NC-17-rated | Uploaded on 26-Nov-2002

Gone Away - LemonKitty
Vegeta and Bulma had a fight. But this time Vegeta has gone too far, causing Bulma to run from the room in tears. Will they patch things up?
Romance | PG-rated | Uploaded on 26-Nov-2002

Bulma's Break-Up - Cerasi
Bulma has just broken up with Yamcha and needs comforting, but Vegeta is the only one around...
General | PG-rated | Uploaded on 20-Jun-2002

True Colours - Cerasi
This is my 1st Trunks and Pan fic. So please be nice. How will Trunks react when Pan accidently lets out that she loves him...
Romance | G-rated | Uploaded on 20-Jun-2002