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Bulma's Break-Up

Part 1

Bulma sat on the cold pavement outside Capsule Corporation. She had just broken up with Yamcha for the fourth time that week, except this time she knew it was final. She had caught him in the streets with another woman, they had their arms around each other and he was whispering something in her ear when Bulma had bumped into them, literally!

Of course, Yamcha denied everything, which didn't go as he had planned. Bulma slapped him and walked off, of course it didn't hurt him, really. But then the other girl he was with left as well. He took a few minutes to decide who to chase after, and then went in search of Bulma. Knowing she was far more trusting than the other one, and he knew that she always forgave him and took him back, he usually didn't even need to apologize properly.

A tear slid down Bulma's face as she thought of that scene she had walked up on. Yamcha with his arm surrounding her a huge smile on her face as he whispered something to her. Bulma dashed the tear from her face. She brought her knees close to her chest and wrapped her arms around them tightly, then she rested her head on her knees. She sensed someone coming; she heard the laughter of Goku and Gohan as they flew towards the capsule corp. She quickly got up and ran into the garage and immediately put on a full-face mask and started welding something. At least it gave her a chance to catch up on work, and cover her tear stained face.

She listened intently to the sound the sparks made while she was welding and tried to shut out the rest of the world. She heard Goku and Gohan landing, going inside and then she tried to hear anything they said.

"Trying to be nosy or is that just the way you've always been woman?" Bulma jumped and dropped the tool. She had been so self involved she hadn't even heard Vegeta coming into the garage. She turned off the welding machine and quickly replaced it on its hook.

"Why did you sneak up on me Vegeta!?!" she demanded. He merely smirked and glanced through the window that lead outside. Bulma looked at him, he always walked around in the same baggy pants and with no top on, it was always like summer to him. He looked over and saw Goku and Gohan leaving with a bag over their shoulders.

"What is that Kakarrot and his little runt are carrying?" he asked himself, completely ignoring Bulma's question.

"Why did you come here Vegeta?" she shouted at him, hoping to get his attention. He turned and glared at her.

"Do not address me in that fashion!" he snapped back. Then he turned and began to walk out of the garage again. "I merely heard your blubbering from my gravity machine, and came to tell you to shut up." He strode out of the room and back into his gravity machine. She turned back to what she had been welding; there was a piece of metal lying on the ground with a screwdriver sitting next to it. Bulma went to lift the tool, but the metal came with it.

"Oh no!" she mumbled to herself, she tried pulling the two things apart, but they were stuck fast. She screamed as she threw them across the room along with the mask and a picture frame. She sat for a few minutes before going over to the frame she had just flung; in it was a picture of her and Yamcha. She took the picture out of the frame and cursed at it a few times as she ripped it apart. She flung the remaining pieces in the bin with rest of the paper, and then she lifted it and a blowtorch and took them outside.

She sat them on the concrete ground outside and set a light to it. She didn't really care what happened to the bin as long as the picture was demolished. She left what was left of the small fire to smoulder and went inside. She took and apple from a dish in the kitchen and went to her room. She sat down on the bed and threw the apple away as she began to rethink what was happening to her, all in the space of two hours.

Vegeta continued training but he didn't get very far, he found himself thinking about Bulma. He shook his head as he let out a powerful blast from his hands, he watched it race around the globe type area he was in and as it came towards him all he could think of was Bulma. He marginally missed being hit in the face by the blast as he rebounded it at the last second; it flew off and hit the control centre in the middle of the room. Sparks came flying from it and there was a fairly large boom sounded through the air. Vegeta opened the door and let the smoke clear out before going back in. He inspected his machine and seen a large gaping hole in the side where the control panel sat.

"Damn woman!" he called out as he hit his palm with his fist. He angrily stalked to the house and up the stairs, after slamming a few doors; he finally reached Bulma's room. He was about to pound the door down but heard her cries from inside. He listened more carefully and heard her cursing at Yamcha. It sounded like she was having a conversation, but Vegeta couldn't sense Yamcha's power level. He listened for a few more seconds and then he couldn't take it any more.

'Hey! You came up here to get your machine fixed. No listen to that wimp crying!' his mind voice reminded him. He shook all thoughts out of his head and thumped on the door. Instantly there was silence. He knocked again. This time he heard Bulma stirring and walking towards the door.

"Who is it?" she asked in a quiet voice. Something in Vegeta told him to be nice and not to shout at her, but his conscious part of his brain ignored it.

"Woman, my machines broken, I need it fixed!" he called through the door. He heard Bulma take a sharp breath and beat the door with her hand.

"Vegeta! I'm in a really bad mood and I don't need you making it worse right now!" she paused for a breath. "There are tools in the garage, go fix your damn machine yourself!"

"Look woman!" Vegeta shouted back. "I don't care what happened between you and your loser boyfriend this time! But I want my machine fixed, and you're the one who's going to do it!" he hit the door so hard that it cracked slightly and then he stalked back down the stairs.

Bulma slid down to the floor and sat still for a moment. 'Maybe I should go and fix his machine, it would help get my mind off Yamcha.' She reasoned with her brain for a couple of minutes and then went to get changed and wash her face. She decided to go for a quick shower, that always seemed to cheer her up, and then she changed into one of her small tops, which showed off her stomach, and a pair of pedal pushers. Then she headed to her workshop.

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