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Bulma's Break-Up

Part 2: The Harmless Kiss?

She was walking down the stairs when Vegeta saw her. He was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, gulping down a glass of water. He almost spat out the mouthful when her saw what she was wearing. Her hair was wet and still glistening with water, he smelled the soap and shampoo a mile off, he glanced down at her feet, hoping to take his mind off of her. That did little use. He found his eyes wandering up her legs and then found himself looking at her stomach and eventually her face. She looked so innocent and something else 'Beautiful!' his mind voice offered. He immediately looked away and walked over to the sink in the kitchen, he put the glass in the sink and walked back to the kitchen door.

Bulma walked by him and he found himself staring after her, she turned her head and he looked away as fast as he could. She opened her mouth to speak, but decided just to get her work done as quickly as possible and then she could watch one of her videos when she had finished. She headed out of the front door and he watched her walk down the path to the gravity machine. She shut the door once inside to keep the heat in.

"What am I doing?" he asked himself, when he was sure she wouldn't be able to hear him. He shook his head clear and went over to the couch in the sitting room, he slumped down and put his feet up, not caring if his boots were dirty or not. He picked up one of the cushions and buried his face in it. He lifted it a few minutes later when he heard Bulma coming in the front door. He sat up and seen her walking into the kitchen, she went back out a few seconds later with a few sandwiches on a plate. "How long is she planning to stay out there?" he asked himself before going into the kitchen.

He seen a loaf of bread lying on the surface, the butter lay next to it, and sandwich filings were on a plate next to that. He picked up the loaf, it was open and a few slices were taken out of it. He picked up the butter and replaced the lid on the tub, then his eyes came across the sandwich filings, they were all sealed shut as they had been in the shop.

"Huh?" he said quietly to himself, he picked them up and inspected them. Then he thought back to when Bulma had passed him. His eyes widened when he realised that Bulma only had buttered bread on that plate. He remembered the events of the day, Bulma crying to herself in her room, talking about being in a bad mood, not making her food properly, and Bulma was one who always took time over preparing her food. And giving in to fixing his gravity machine so soon, he usually had to stand and argue with her for at least half an hour before she agreed.

He put the things back in the cupboards and refrigerator, then he decided that he himself was hungry. He took out the butter again and brought out a tub of jam. He took out bread and attempted to spread the substances on the slices. He was about to walk out of the kitchen but decided to make up some extra sandwiches.

He took them through to the sitting room and began to eat. "Something isn't right." He said to himself as he looked around the room, then he seen the window and the light from his gravity machine that lit up the darkness outside.

"How long has that woman been out there?" he said in his usual arrogant tone. He got up and was going to demand how long it would be till he could train again, but something made him pick up the spare sandwiches. He opened the door as quietly as possible and made his way to the gravity machine, he pulled open the heavy door and seen Bulma crouching by the controls in the middle of the room.

Bulma was working with her headphones on. She was listening to one of the songs she listened to her as a kid, and as she worked she mouthed the words to it.

You say you're cool and you're strong
You say you'll lead and I should tag along

She stopped to pick up another tool and soon found herself getting lost in the music again.

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Ya say you're the best by far
Who do you think you are?

You're all talk, non-stop
You think that it's so cherry in the leader spot
You say your way never fails
Well, I might as well sit home and paint my fingernails

The more she mouthed the words, the more she realised she was singing about Yamcha. About him never being there for her, or never wanting to do what she wanted.

"How could I have been so blind?" she asked herself, not realising she was shouting out loud. She flung the tool down and it bounced off of the floor once, twice before lying still. She was just about to fling the headphones away when she seen someone out of the corner of her eye.

She whipped her head round and seen Vegeta standing a couple of feet inside the door with a plate in his hand. He looked rather uncomfortable and kept shifting his weight from foot to foot. Bulma lifted the headset off of her ears when he started to say something.

"Sorry?" she asked him, he mumbled something and looked at his feet. "I can't hear you if you talk to the ground Vegeta." She said with a small smile on her face. He looked up again and brought the plate over to Bulma.

"Youuhyou forgot your sandwiches." He said then he sat the plate down a few feet in front of her. She stared at it then back up to him. Suddenly he realised that he was staring at her too. "Well get back to work woman!" he yelled and turned around.

"Thanks Vegeta." She said quietly as he walked off, he stopped on hearing her and mumbled something. Bulma thought he had said 'your welcome' but for Vegeta to say that it would have to be a miracle. 'But then again, he did bring me food.'

"What's up with him?" she asked herself, she shrugged and picked up one of the sandwiches. She bit into it and then opened up the sandwich, she laughed quietly to herself as she seen Vegeta's attempts at spreading a simple jam sandwich. She sighed and finished eating, and then she got back to work.

Vegeta was back in the house.

"What was that?" he demanded of his brain. Why did he take her food? Did he actually say your welcome? He put his right hand on his temple and rubbed it tenderly. "I hate that woman! She's starting to give me a headache!" he leant on the wall and stayed put for a few minutes. He heard the door open again and Bulma walked in. she was wiping her hands with a dirty cloth and she had a smile on her face.

"Machines all fixed." She said happily, "You can go and train as soon as you want. But, please try and be more careful." She said as she walked by. Vegeta stood still until she was past and he was just about to leave when Bulma came back and kissed him lightly on the cheek. His eyes opened wide at the sudden movement and by the time he looked for her she was halfway up the stairs again.

He stood in the spot for a few minutes, just staring at her go round the corner and listen for the sound of her door shutting. He subconsciously lifted a hand and touched the area of his cheek where Bulma's lips had touched him. 'What is that woman up to?' he asked himself before heading outside to his gravity machine, he was too busy training to realise that he was smiling ever so slightly at the thought of Bulma kissing him.

Bulma sat on her bed. What had she just done? 'You kissed Vegeta, that's what!' her mind voice told her. WHY? She screamed out to her mind. VEGETA? I KISSED VEGETA? She asked in disbelief.

"No, no I never! It wasn't me!" she told herself, hoping she would believe it if she was told. But her brain refused. She thought back to when she was downstairs, she seen it all happened as if she were watching herself do it at that moment. "Don't do it! Don't do it!" chanted through her mind. But, sure enough she was the one who leant over a kissed him. "Damn!" she shouted as she brought herself back to reality.

She opened one of her clothes drawers and quickly got changed into a blue top and a pair of jeans. She would go downstairs, make her dinner and try her best to avoid Vegeta. And hopefully he would forget all about it.

"Hopefully." She told herself.

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