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Bulma's Break-Up

Part 3: Yamcha's Back...

Bulma quickly made her dinner and ate as fast as she could, she couldn't wait to get out of the house and away from Vegeta. She left some food in the cooker, knowing Vegeta would be hungry when he was finished training and then she wrote a note and put it on the refrigerator.

She quickly got changed again into her leather jacket and black trousers and went outside. She headed to the garage and opened the door; inside, along with all the other junk, sat her father's old motorcycle. He hadn't let her ride it until she was nineteen and he had only let her take it out once, but he wasn't around the capsule corp. so she could take it any time she wanted to.

She lifted up a helmet and slid it over her hair and put down the front. She let the engine rev while the bike sat still for a few moments and then she sped off into the distance. She thought she saw Vegeta standing outside on the grass yelling something at her.

'Probably worrying about dinner.' She thought to herself, she let out a small laugh when the thought came into her head. She didn't turn, instead she went faster, she knew if she turned she wouldn't want to leave again. She swiftly rounded the bend and was gone in seconds. Vegeta looked after her and then went back inside his gravity room and shut the door over.

Bulma had been riding for about half an hour and she hadn't been able to shake the fact that she was being followed. She stopped the bike for the fifth time in the last five minutes. The engine went quiet, but not silent, and she looked around. There was a wooded area behind her, a town in the distance and a bridge crossing a river about five minutes away. She decided to head towards the bridge.

"At least from there I can work out where to go and get a good view." She told herself as she started the engine again. She sped off and soon reached the bridge, there was a light rain coming down which made the road slippery, she stopped and her back tyre skidded slightly, but stopped before it done any real damage.

Bulma looked around her and seen a car coming towards her, it was still a few miles away, but it was coming her way. She moved the bike into the side and looked over the edge of the bridge to think.

Her father used to bring her to this river when she was little. She remembered having a net and catching all the fish her dad had hooked. She was so lost in her memories that she didn't see the car stopping behind her.

"Never, ever go into that water in the winter!" her dad had warned her when she was nine or ten.

"Why not?" her small form asked.

"Unless you want to catch pneumonia, stay out." He had explained what pneumonia was after that and she looked down at the water again. She saw a very thin lair of ice hanging onto the top of the flowing water.

Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder from behind. Bulma whipped herself around and stood face to face with Yamcha, his hair was plastered to his head and his face, and his clothes were soaked.

"How long have you been standing there?" she asked him, seeing his car just a few feet away.

"'bout five minutes." He said. 'But how can he be so wet?' Bulma's mind puzzled. Then she remembered herself being followed.

"You were following me." Bulma said slowly, Yamcha nodded. "Why?" Bulma said suddenly scared. He stood between her and her motorcycle, how could she escape if he tried anything. Suddenly she found herself thinking of Vegeta and wishing he was there to protect her.

"I wanted to talk to you." He said moving closer to her. She inched back but bumped into the wall, she heard some of the stone give way and splash into the water at least fifteen feet below.

"It's over Yamcha!" she said firmly. "That's the last time I'm getting humiliated like that-"

"And it will be!" Yamcha said quickly. "You're the one I love, Bulma. It's always been that way and always will be."

"Then why do you keep going with someone else?" Bulma screamed at him, trying her best to get around him. He was much faster than her and blocked her every attempt. He held her shoulders tight and kept her still, she struggled but was no match for him.

"They're just friends." Yamcha said, trying his best to convince her.

"So why do you treat them any different than your other friends. You treat them like you treat me." A small tear escaped her eye, and then she remembered she still had her helmet on. At least he couldn't see her face.

As if he could read her mind he tried to take the helmet off, she shook her head making it harder for him to grasp the clips that held it shut. Eventually he got it off and threw it down, the plastic on the front smashed and the helmet rolled a few feet away from her. She watched it move and then brought her eyes back to Yamcha, his face was close to hers and he brought her face closer. She didn't know what to do, she looked around frantically, then she brought her hand up quickly, it was rolled into a fist and even though she knew it wouldn't hurt him in the slightest, she hit him square in the jaw.

He was stunned for a few seconds, not because he was hurt, but because Bulma had actually hit him. He stepped back and tripped over the helmet, he regained his balance a few seconds later and went to grab her again. Bulma knew there was only one thing to do. She turned around and threw herself into the river.

She turned in mid-air so as not to let her face be hit full force by the water. When she landed the wind was knocked out of her. She gasped for air, but instead got a mouthful of water, freezing water. She spat it out and tried to get to the surface, her head split through the thin layer of ice and she gasped again. This time air filled her lungs, but it didn't do much use, she soon fell back under the water. But not before seeing Yamcha running down the bank to get her.

'Swim!' Her mind commanded her, her legs disobeyed for a second but then the blood circulated again and she kicked. She continued swimming it wasn't hard, seeing as she was moving with the current instead of against it, but it was freezing.

'I have to get out of here!' she told her brain as she looked for somewhere to get out. She brought her head out of the water and saw someone on the bank, standing there, waiting for her. 'Oh-no!' she thought. 'Yamcha!' she didn't believe it, he had had no idea which way she had swam, but he still managed to find her. She put her head down again and was going to lift it up, but she couldn't. She started to panic, then she opened her eyes, the water stung them, but she ignored the pain as best she could.

The ice!

The ice had gotten thicker as she went downstream. She looked back but soon found her vision getting cloudy, she held in what air she had left but she couldn't hold her breath forever. She opened her mouth and passed out. The last thing she remembered was a thud, and then there was blackness.

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