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Love Lost; Love Found

A/N: This fic may be a bit of a tearjerker. I might write a sequel, but I’m not too sure.

Piccolo flew away from Gohan never looking back at his one time lover. Heartbroken and Lovesick, tears began to run down his face, creating rivers of sorrow on his cheeks.

Trunks stood hiding behind a boulder keeping his power hidden so that Gohan wouldn't sense him.

It's finally happened! He thought happily. For the past two years I've hated Piccolo, because he's been Gohan's lover. Now I'll have Gohan all to myself. He smiled, as he watched Piccolo fly away.

Gohan didn't want to hurt Piccolo, because the older man had been his mentor and friend for years. At one time Gohan felt that he had found his soul mate. But then he'd met Videl, the daughter of Hercule. She had become a part of him. They spent so much time together and grew so close that he'd lost interest in Piccolo quickly.

Gohan looked at his watch. "Crap. I'm gonna be late." He muttered as he took off into the air. Puzzled, Trunks followed him at a safe distance. He followed Gohan to a near city. He watched Gohan land on a roof, where a girl greeted him. He watched horrified as they kissed passionately. With tears in his eyes and a beaten heart he left.

A few months later…

The next Martial Arts tournament is about to begin. All the entries were warming up, preparing for their matches.

Piccolo sat by himself in a dark corner meditating. He sensed a familiar power. Gohan was nearby. He must have entered the tournament, Piccolo thought to himself. The pain he felt over losing Gohan had lessoned some but not entirely.

"Hey Piccolo." A familiar voice said.

Piccolo looked up at Trunks. "How's Gohan?" The namek asked coldly.

"I wouldn't know, maybe you should ask his girlfriend." Trunks growled.

Piccolo was shocked. "Girlfriend?!!?"

"Yes, her name is Videl. She's Hercule's daughter." Trunks replied.

"I lost him to a girl!" Piccolo said disbelievingly.

"One of us will get some sort of revenge. They've entered the tournament." Trunks said.

"I'm not here for revenge Trunks, I'm here to fight in a tournament." Piccolo said.

"Hello my fellow fighters." A man with long coal black hair and glittering green eyes greeted them.

Piccolo snorted. Trunks frowned at him. "Am I interrupting something of great importance?" He asked; he received no answer. "Very well I guess I'll see one of you gents in the arena." He left them alone.

"This is great Gohan! I get to fight first!" Videl was happily clinging to Gohan's arm.

"Our first fighters are Videl and Kia!" The announcer yelled into the microphone. The crowd began cheering Videl's name.

"I'll see you later." She nibbled his ear and waked outside beside her opponent, Kia. Kia's red hair was French braided in a single braid. Her gray eyes showed no emotion.

"Let's here it for these two beautiful ladies!" The crowd cheered Videl's name even louder. When they quieted down a little, one voice was cheering for Kia. A blonde teenage girl was waving at her. "Hi big sister! Kick her ass!" Kia smiled at her little sister. Don't worry Sophie; I'll win this tournament. Then we'll get the money, Kia thought to herself.

"Begin!" The announcer shouted.

Videl and Kia positioned themselves for battle. Videl struck first, she ran at Kia making a flying kick. Kia blocked Videl's kick and punched her nose. Videl fell back from the blow but come back, fists flying. Kia dodged every time. Videl couldn't get a single blow in. Kia went on the offensive and kicked Videl up in the air. Videl stayed in the air.

"Now what're you going to do, hmm? Little Red Riding Hood?" Videl smirked.

"What will she do now?" Trunks asked Piccolo.

"I think she's going to win." Piccolo said. Gohan overheard their conversation.

"Now way. Videl is gonna win!" He yelled as he turned around, he was shocked to see Piccolo and Trunks standing there.

"You're wrong Gohan, Kia will win. There is a great determination about her." Piccolo said coldly.

"Hey, daughter of Hercule! Guess what!" Kia floated up in front of Videl. "I can fly too." With that said she shot Videl down with an energy beam. Videl fell from the sky to the arena floor and didn't get back up. The announcer was shocked speechless.

"Hey begin the count already!" Kia yelled.

"Yes Miss? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Kia wins the match!"

"No!" Gohan ran to the arena, and picked Videl up. "Just you wait Kia, you'll end up fighting me soon!" Gohan carried Videl out of the arena.

The next matches were the same as Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and some other fighters moved to the next level.

A sensu bean later Videl was back on her feet. She found Kia watching the match between Piccolo and Mighty Mask.

"Those were some pretty cool moves out there." Videl said.

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself. Anyone who looks like you do now after a fight like that is very talented." Kia said her eyes glued to Piccolo's match.

"Well that's not my doing. My boyfriend brought me a sensu bean, and I healed up right away." Videl smiled as Gohan walked up to them.

"We fight next Kia." Gohan's voice was cold as he stared at the red head.

"Thanks for telling me." She said in return her voice just as cold.

"Come on Gohan, the fight wasn't personal or anything. It's just a competition." Videl said.

"And the winner of this match is Piccolo!"

"Your turn Gohan." Piccolo said as he walked by his ex-lover. Piccolo's eyes rested on Kia, her hair was still perfect in the French braid. Her first match had not affected its neatness.

"Next up! Gohan and Kia!" The two walked to the arena.

"I'm gonna win this match for Videl!" Gohan claimed. Kia said nothing. "Did you hear me?!" Gohan yelled. "I'm going to beat you!" Again Kia made no response; she just got in a battle stance.

Gohan jumped into the air, Kia followed him. Gohan attacked Kia diving toward her in kick fashion. Kia disappeared and kicked him from behind. Gohan kept trying to land a kick but Kia always dodged.

"You must really want a piece of me." Gohan went Super Saiyan. Kia stopped and stared at him curiously. Gohan attacked her, fists flying. Kia blocked punch after punch; Gohan couldn't lay a hand on her.

"How can you be this strong!?" Gohan began screaming as he went Super Saiyan 2. Once again Kia looked at him, her gray eyes filled with curiosity. "Kamahamaha!" Gohan threw a Kamahama Wave at Kia who shielded herself at the last second. When the smoke cleared she was untouched inside a bubble. The bubble disappeared, and Kia used her own attack.

"Star Bomb!" Kia launched her attack, which hit Gohan head on. When the smoke cleared his clothes were singed. Pissed off he flew down towards her going on a full out attack.

"He's gone to the next level of Super Saiyan! And she's still winning!" Trunks said.

"When I said I thought she was going to win, I meant the tournament, not just her match with Videl." Piccolo said.

"Do you know for sure?" Videl asked.

"I'm positive she'll win." Piccolo replied.

The two were moving so fast now that no one could see them. Then suddenly Gohan hit the ground, no longer a super saiyen.

"Now way!" Trunks gasped.

"Kia…wins…again." The announcer said surprised. "But let's give Gohan a hand for putting up such a good fight!" The crowd cheered. Kia left the arena carrying Gohan to Videl.

"Give him one of those beans and he'll be fine. Or would you like me to do the honors?"

"I guess you can." Videl said. Kia laid Gohan on the floor and shot a white energy beam at him.

"What was that for?!" Trunks yelled. Videl and Piccolo held him back, stopping him from attacking Kia.

Gohan opened his eyes and sat up. "What a match. You're a lot stronger than I thought! Great match. Now, where's the food? I'm starving!"

"You healed him!" Videl exclaimed happily.

"I guess I owe you an apology." Trunks said, to Kia.

"Don't worry about it." She said, her voice void of all emotion.

"Let's hear it for our next fighters, Trunks and Jewel!"

A few matches later…

Trunks had beaten Jewel with ease, as Piccolo had his opponent. There were a few other fighters left as well.

"Next up, Trunks and Kia!" The two walked to the arena. And then, Trunks made his announcement.

"I forfeit!" Trunks turned and walked out of the Arena.

"Ok. Since Trunks has forfeited the match Kia wins automatically.

Kia walked out of the arena, puzzled as to why Trunks had quit.

"The next fight is between Piccolo and Burger Boy!" Piccolo easily defeated the sumo-wrestler known only as Burger Boy.

A couple of matches later…

"Will Kia and Cobra please enter the arena?" The announcer asked.

Kia froze, her eyes wide.

"Well hello there Kia. I haven't seen you in a while." Piccolo looked toward Kia. The man with long coal black hair and glittering green eyes had put his arms around her waist, moving his hands to cup her breasts. Piccolo saw fear in her eyes. He was shocked. How could Cobra's touch scare her to the point that her body was trembling?

Kia couldn't move. In her mind she was remembering what those same hands had done to her. She wanted to scream, to cry, and to kill the bastard. But she was petrified by the nightmares replaying before her eyes.

Piccolo put his hand on Cobra's shoulder, Cobra looked at him. "Let her go, you're wanted in the arena. Piccolo glared at Cobra who had an amused look on his face.

"Very well. Don't take long, my precious little morsel." Cobra tried to nip her ear, but at the last second she turned. Instead he bit her hair, hard. "Don't keep the crowed waiting." He growled s he walked off. When he left the room Kia collapsed. Luckily Piccolo caught her.

"I can't fight him." Kia whispered in Piccolo's ear.

"You're kidding! You've defeated the daughter of Hercule, and Gohan. Remember all those years ago, during the Cell games? Gohan is the one who really defeated Cell. Beating Cobra will be easy." Piccolo said.

"Do you know where I was during the Cell games? I was in Cobra's apartment getting raped." She shuddered with the last word.

"You can't come in here!" A voice yelled.

"Oh yes I can!" Another voice yelled. Piccolo put Kia down as a blond teenage girl burst in the room followed by a security guard.

"Sophie! What do you think you're doing!?" Kia exclaimed.

Sophie hugged Kia. "Giving you a good luck hug. What are little sisters for?" Sophie's smile faded. " I want you to go in that arena and kick that bastard's ass. Make sure he's in pain! And break one his arms too!" Sophie smiled again.

"Right." Kia smiled, Piccolo sucked in his breath. Her smile was even more beautiful than Gohan's. "Thanks sis." She hugged Sophie back, then turned to Piccolo and smiled sweetly. "Thank you." She whispered

"Kia, you need to come out now or you forfeit the match!" The announcer yelled.

Kia walked to the arena her face void of all emotion once more. Cobra winked evilly at her. Kia's face remained unreadable.

"Let the match begin!"

Kia remembered what Sophie had told her. Show no mercy, but don't kill him, Kia told herself. She looked back at Piccolo; he gave her a smirk and nodded. She smiled brightly.

Cobra ran towards her, "Let's see how you like my Diamond Kick!" Kia caught Cobra's Diamond Kick and threw him across the arena. Unfortunately he didn't land outside the ring.

"Nice throw." Cobra ran at Kia, ready to punch her. "Pain Punch!" Cobra yelled. Kia grabbed Cobra's arm and snapped the bone in half, Cobra screamed. In pain and very pissed Cobra ran at her in a rage. Kia easily knocked him out of the ring. Cobra hit the ground landing on his broken arm, breaking it a second time.

"Kia wins!" The announcer yelled over Cobra's screams.

Kia left the arena. "You're turn she whispered as she passed Piccolo. Piccolo smirked at her, Kia shivered in response.

"Piccolo wins the match! And now for a short intermission!"

Kia stood leaning against the wall when Cobra came up to her. "Kia do you know what you are?" Cobra asked angrily.

"I'm a lot of things." She replied dryly, her fear of him gone.

"You're nothing but a money hungry whore! You lived through everything I did to you, and now you beat me in a tournament. If you're so powerful why didn't you stop what I did? I know why. You enjoyed every second of abuse I gave you. That's got to be the answer." Cobra sneered.

"No way!" Gohan looked at her in disgust.

Trunks looked at her in the same way. "You're a very sickening person."

"Back off! You don't know the whole story!" Sophie backhanded Cobra.

"What's there to know?" Gohan frowned.

"Kia only discovered her powers a few years ago. If she'd known about them when Cobra raped her, he'd be dead by now!" Sophie growled.

"Now isn't the time Sophie! Besides I've nothing to prove." Kia said.

"Bull Shit!" Sophie said. "You haven't seen the scars on her thighs where Cobra…"

"That's enough Sophie!" Kia yelled, red with shame.

"Look at her face! She's blushing! She liked what I did to her!" Cobra crowed.

"Screw you Cobra!" Sophie snarled.

"Maybe I should have played with you instead." Cobra suggested.

In a flash Kia's nails had grown 10 inches long and she was holding them at Cobra's throat.

"Ahhh! What the hell are you?!" Cobra screamed.

"Let's put it this way, I'm only half human." Kia sneered. "The next time you say anything like that to my sister, I will, kill you!" Kia retracted her nails

"What's the other half?" Videl asked sympathizing with the other woman.

"We don't know." Kia said. "But I wish we were just human."

"Why?" Piccolo asked.

"Because; Kia is perfectly healthy. The genes from our parents unite and make her strong. But the genes I've received reject one another. As a result, I'm dying." Sophie explained quietly, everyone froze in shock.

Kia sighed. " You didn't have to explain anything Sophie."

"I will not stay quiet and let you get harassed like that! You've been through enough!" Sophie cried.

"So have you." Kia countered. "That's why we need the money. The doctors think they may have found a way to reverse what Sophie's DNA is doing to itself."

"But it's so damn expensive. That's why Kia wants to win the tournament. She's doing it for me. As for you Cobra." Sophie's voice gained an angry tone. 'You hurt Kia more than you think. Not only did you rape her countless times, but you also got her pregnant! And then you raped her one final time! Do you know what happened then? She miscarried, she lost the baby!" Sophie shrieked.

"Sophie, that's enough." Kia whispered, her back to the group.

"I'm sorry Kia, I knew how much you wanted the baby, and that ass deserves to know that he's a murderer!" Sophie bit out.

Piccolo approached Kia and put his hand on her shoulder. "Come on." He led her away…

"You're even stronger that I thought." Piccolo whispered into her ear. The two were sitting under a tree; Piccolo's arms were wrapped around her.

Kia broke down and began to cry, letting out all of the pain that she had held in so long.

"If I'm so strong, why do I hurt so much?" She sobbed.

"You survived the abuse with your sanity in tact. You've discovered hidden powers that you never knew you had." Piccolo hugged her close to him.

Kia's sobbing subsided. "Maybe, but I'm not invincible. What just happened proves it."

"In my eyes, you'll always be invincible." He whispered. Kia looked at him, tears still in her eyes.

Piccolo smiled at her. He leaned toward her, his lips parted. When his mouth touched her hers, their lips met in passion. Kia opened her mouth letting his tongue enter her moist depths. When he pulled away gasping, he looked at her eyes, which were glazed over in passion. They settled back down, his arms around her as they set in comfortable silence. After a while Kia spoke up.



"I live alone. Sophie stays with mom, But…"

"Would you like some company?" He whispered huskily.

"Yes. No matter who wins this tournament, I don't what to be alone tonight, or any night." Kia laid her hand on his chest.

"From now on I'll be here, for you." Piccolo smiled.

"Piccolo! Kia!" Trunks yelled.

"The match starts in five minutes!" Sophie added.

"Let's go." Kia sighed.

"Kia." Kia turned to look at Piccolo. "Don't hold back. I want you to give your all in that match. Do it for me." He smiled. Kia returned the smile and helped the namek up. They walked toward the arena hand in hand.

Trunks and Sophie were walking towards Piccolo and Kia.

"How can you be so optimistic?" Trunks asked.

"What do you mean?" Sophie looked at him curiously.

"You know you're dying, but you're so happy!" Trunks exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm dying, but when Kia gets enough money we'll be able to afford the treatment that the doctors have developed." Sophie explained. They ended the conversation, for they had caught up with Piccolo and Kia.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The next and final match is about to begin! I think I speak for all of us when I say that I'm disappointed that Hercule decided to retire. His exact words were, 'I'm opening a door for the next champion to enter fully glorified.'" The announcer said. The crowd cheered. "And now without further ado, Piccolo and Kia, will you please enter the ring?"

Piccolo and Kia entered the ring smiling at one another.

"Let the fight begin!" The announcer yelled.

Kia and Piccolo didn't move their eyes were locked. "Piccolo and Kia seem to be studying one another carefully, searching for the weakest point of their opponents body." The announcer said, his eyes glued to the two fighters.

Kia lunged at Piccolo, knocking him down. Piccolo slid across the floor of the arena. He jumped up and attacked. The next few minutes they seem to be equally matched. Kia struck, Piccolo blocked. Piccolo hit, Kia counteracted.

"Kia! Remember what I said! Don't hold back!" Piccolo yelled powering up. "Think about what Cobra did to you!"

Kia stood frozen, her eyes began to glow red. Her hair came down, whipping about her head. She screamed, her power level rising dramatically. Her red hair began to glow; oddly enough it turned into fire.

Piccolo gaped at her transformation. He couldn't believe how her power level was. It was the highest he'd ever felt.

"She's on fire!" Gohan gasped.

"Literally!" Trunks added.

"That's a new one." Sophie smiled.

"I'm going to die!" Cobra wailed.

"When'd you figure that out, jackass!" Sophie smiled again and snickered.

"All right Piccolo, I'm not holding back anymore!" Kia sobbed.

"Kia, has, somehow, changed, her, appearance, by, centering, her, energy." The announcer stammered.

Kia lunged at Piccolo, her fists and feet flying so fast he couldn't see them. He tried to dodge but was kicked back. He tried blocking but Kia's fist went through. She started to lose control, realizing this she threw Piccolo out of the ring before she really hurt him. Piccolo landed on the grass with a thud.

"Kia has won the match. She has claimed the title as strongest under the heavens. She is the first woman to claim this title!" The announcer yelled. "Congratulations Kia!" The crowd cheered Kia's name over and over. Kia went back to normal. Leaving her hair down she ran to Piccolo and put his head in her lap.

"How was that?" Kia asked.

"Better." He said flatly.

"Better?! If I hadn't thrown you out when I did, I could have destroyed you!" Kia said tearfully.

Piccolo sat up and kissed her.

"Wow! It looks like Kia and Piccolo have patched things up!" The announcer blushed. "Uh, Kia, you might want this!" The announcer held up the belt.

"Toss it here." She said. He tossed it to her; she caught and held it up. The crowd cheered. Piccolo offered Kia his arm and they walked out the arena.

"Way to go Kia!" Videl cheered.

Kia smiled. "Thanks." She said quietly.

Later at Kia's home…

"It's nice." Piccolo smiled in anticipation.

"It's not that big, but it's home. It can be your home as well." Kia said quietly.

Piccolo lifted her chin. "I'd love to." She smiled happily. Piccolo gasped again at her beauty. With her red hair down, it shown brightly. Her waves of hair caught the light, giving her a glowing appearance.

Piccolo carried her inside. "Which way to the bedroom?"

"Through the kitchen take a left, go up the stairs, down the hall, and left again." Kia instructed. In a flash Piccolo and Kia were in the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed.

"Are you ready?" He asked huskily.


Piccolo removed his cape and turban; they landed on the floor with a thud. Kia stood and removed his shirt, baring his broad chest and trim waist. Piccolo kicked off his shoes and slid his pants down his hips and legs.

Kia's eyes grew wide, as her gaze trailed over his engorged member. He chuckled in amusement.

He kneeled down sliding her shoes and socks off, while she removed her own shirt. Piccolo stared at her silk clad breasts. Her braw, which fastened in front disappeared quickly. Piccolo gently cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her already erect nipples. Kia moaned at his touch. Piccolo's hands slid lower unfastening her pants and lowering them.

He gasped in shock when he saw her thighs.

"Kia." He choked out. "Did Cobra do this?"

"Yes." She said quietly, she sat down on the bed. Her legs were spread wide, so that Piccolo could examine her thighs.

Piccolo's fingers ran over the scars, memorizing them. Studying each mark, the anger in him rose to a boiling point. "What did he do?" Piccolo asked through clenched teeth.

"It was the last time he raped me. I wouldn't spread my legs for him. I didn't want to lose the baby. Unfortunately, Cobra has an impressive collection of swords. He heated one up in the fire. When it was red, he shoved it between my thighs. He added a few cuts from his favorite dagger to make sure I was sorry for resisting his advances." Kia said, with hate in her voice.

"I'll kill him." Piccolo said flatly.

"Not right now." Kia whimpered.

"No, later." Piccolo continued by sliding her panties out of the way. He looked at her face and the slight blush on her cheeks. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her hungrily. She returned the kiss and ran her hands down his chest and stomach to his erect manhood. She slid her fingers over his rod, massaging it with loving care.

He moaned deep in his throat, it was a deep, primitive, animal like sound. Piccolo took one nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue, Kia gasped in pleasure.

The pressure in his rod was building up quickly. Piccolo entered Kia and began pumping slowly. She wrapped her legs around his hips and held him in place, pumping with him. As he climaxed and spilled his seed into her, Piccolo kissed her again.

As they lay in each other's arms, Piccolo heard her whisper in his ear before she fell asleep.

"I Love You."

The next morning Kia awoke in Piccolo's sleeping embrace. She got out of bed, threw on a short silk robe and went downstairs.

Piccolo woke up alone in bed, the smell of bacon, toast, and eggs drifting to his nose. He slipped on his pants and followed the scent of food down to the kitchen. When he saw what Kia was wearing, he very nearly drooled. Her waist was slightly bent as she finished setting the table. Piccolo came up behind her, lightly caressing her buttocks. She shivered in response.

"Come back to bed." Piccolo whispered against her neck as he nicked it with his teeth.

"Not yet."

"Yes now." He licked her neck with the tip of his tongue.

"Piccolo!" She gasped making a dash for the stairs. Piccolo chased the giggling Kia, while laughing himself. They stopped when they heard another laugh. No…two more laughs. Kia opened a bedroom door. Their eyes grew wide when they saw who was in the bed.

"Sophie!" Kia shrieked.

"Uh, hi!" Sophie blushed.

Sophie and Trunks were sitting up in bed. Sophie had the sheet pulled up in front of her.

"What are you doing here?" Kia asked smiling.

"Um, we were studying the human anatomy." Sophie said.

"That would be kind of hard. Since both of you are only half human." Piccolo snickered.

"You're a fine one to talk. You were doing the same thing." Trunks said.

"I am so glad you turned 18 last month." Kia sighed, "Breakfast is on the table." Before she could say another word, Piccolo grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. He winked at Trunks and Sophie as he carried her to their bedroom.

They made love again, and again, each time better than the last.

"Ya know..." Kia began, "If you had seduced me during the fight, you would have won." She finished.

"I'm learning as I go, how to seduce a woman." Piccolo laughed. Kia looked at him curiously. "My last lover was Gohan." He explained. "In fact, before he made a wish to the eternal dragon, I was asexual."

Kia smiled. "Remind me to thank him some day."

"It's not necessary."

"I'm glad you changed you preference in lovers." She said as she snuggled against him.

"So am I." Piccolo leaned closer and kissed her again.

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