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Escaflowne Fanfiction

Never Farewell - Sky Mage
This fic is in reponse to Pizazz-chan's two challenges: 1) A fic on Viole; 2) Hitomi/DragonSlayer pairing. Since it's to answer both... the major pairing in this fic's evident, ne? ^-^ And, as with most odd pairings, this is more or less an AU.... =)
General | PG-rated | Uploaded on 31-Aug-2002

Once More - Sky Mage
Similar to "To Dream of Dreams"; Van+Hitomi, and something to do with the Dream Realm (again). The title isn't really relevant to the fic. ^^;;
Angst/Romance | PG-rated | Uploaded on 31-Aug-2002

To Dream of Dreams - Sky Mage
A short one-shot of the original Van+Hitomi, and a tiny crossover with Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.
Romance/Drama | PG-rated | Uploaded on 31-Aug-2002