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Chapter 1: Bug the Hacker

Quatre looked around him. The cell was empty, except for the five of them. They were all shackled to the back wall of the cell. The guards had brought them in one by one; proud of the prizes they had caught.

"This sucks." Duo moaned.

"Stop whining Maxwell." Wufei snapped.

"I'll whine all I want, and you my grouchy friend are in no position to stop me." Duo sneered.

"Will you two please stop it? Fighting isn't helping at all." Quatre sighed heavily. He looked at Trowa who, along with Heero had remained silent since their capture. "We need to find a way out of this."

"Listen." Heero said. Quatre listened; footsteps were headed their way.

The door swung open and a young woman was thrown inside. She hit the wall between Wufei and Duo with a sickening thud before collapsing to the floor. She struggled up, her long red hair hiding her face. She somehow managed to stand on her feet. The guards rushed in and set to work on shackling her to the wall. Their commander followed at a slower pace.

"Well if it isn't the infamous bug, one of the most successful hackers, not to mention a mistress of sabotage. Now tell me something. What's a pretty young thing like you, doing in a business like this? Are you in it for the money? Or are you just doing your part for the colonies?" He laughed harshly. "I'm sorry to leave you like this with such poor company, but it can't be helped." The commander leaned toward her and kissed her forcefully, shoving his tongue in her mouth. Her bright green eyes held no emotion as she bit down, hard. "OOWWW! You Bith! You bith!" He screamed. His second in command took over.

"Disgrace her." He said coldly. The girl smirked and spat the end of his commanding officer's tongue on the floor at his feet. The second in command backhanded her without a second thought. "Have fun boys." He led his spluttering commander out of the cell.

"You heard the man. Let's have a little disgracing. Just don't try to kiss her." He laughed.

The Gundam Pilots watched in horror as the 'infamous bug' was severely beaten before their very eyes. But it was about to get much worse.

One guard started to unzip her shirt and smiled to himself as he raised her braw up and out of the way. He patted her bare breast with the flat side of a knife. She just continued to stare at him with a blank look on her face, her eyes showing no emotion whatsoever. He decided to take his fun a little farther and cut her shirt and braw free from her body. Totally exposed from the waist up she didn't seem to notice. He was about to trace a line around each of her breasts with his knife when another guard stopped him.

"Now wait just a damn minute. We supposed ta have some fun with her too!" He smiled coldly.

Quatre finally found his voice. "How can you do that to her?" He asked disgusted.

"Turn away Quatre." Trowa whispered quietly to his lover.

"But Trowa…We have to do something…It isn't right." Quatre said tearfully.

"Listen Blondie. You just mind your own damned business or I'll slit your throat." One guard threatened as he raised his hand to strike the young Arabian down.

"Don't forget about me." The girl snarled.

"You're just a glutton for punishment aren't you?" The guard said walking back to her and blackening her eye with his fist. "That was for Blondie over there. But the next time he says something like that I'm gonna beat 'im. Ya got that, Bug?"

"Why hurt him. I'm right here. I'm the one who planted the irremovable virus into your security system." She said coldly.

"You're just askin' to get raped, ya know that?" He asked. She didn't respond. He motioned for the other guards to hold her head back. "Make sure she doesn't try ta bite my ear off." He began to unbutton her pants to begin his 'fun'.

Quatre couldn't tear his eyes away as he saw the girl sexually abused over and over by the one guard. The others were two leery of her biting habit to take her.

"Bastards!" Duo yelled.

"Total Disgrace." Wufei whispered and prayed to the heavens that she would endure this treatment.

Heero watched, with no emotion showing in his face. His feelings totally hidden; by a blank expression, never revealing his thoughts.

Trowa watched her thoughtfully as she was beaten and abused. He admired her strength and endurance. Through it all she never made a sound, she never let on that she felt any pain at all.

Finally having his fill of her he zipped her pants back up and left with his fellow guards. After the cell door was closed and locked. She raised her bruised and bloodied face up from her chest.

"How far away are they?" She asked.

"They're halfway down the hall. The area is unsecured." Heero answered.

"Good." She readied herself and began to strain against the shackles that held her in place. She pulled until the veins in her neck began to stand out. Then she fell forward as the chains snapped. Quickly she reached in her jeans pocket and pulled out a pin. She picked the locks on the metal bracelets and anklets. She moved to the pilots and one by one had them freed.

"May I borrow a shirt from one of you?" She asked still completely nude from the waist up. Wufei unbuttoned his over shirt and handed it to her. She nodded in appreciation. "My thanks."

"Well how do we get out of here?" Duo asked no in particular.

"This way." She punched in a code on the security lock. The door swung open.

"How'd you…" Duo started to ask.

"Like I said before. I planted a virus into the security system. And while I was at it, I memorized a few access codes.

"I gotta question for ya…" Duo began.

"All questions must wait until we are safe." Bug answered.

"No I gotta know now! What are we supposed to call ya?" Duo asked.

"What the guard called me. Bug. Now let's go!" She led them out of the cell.

They made their way through the corridors, overtaking anyone they came across. They had taken out at least 30 guards and a few scientists.

Trowa and Quatre kept their eyes on Bug. Quatre was worried for her, because she was leaving a trail of blood behind her as they made their way through the building. Her pace wasn't slowing though; in fact she was still leading them out and clearing their path.

After killing five more unfortunate guards they reached the exit. After locating their motorcycles including Bug's they lead her toward their hidden base. Once there they went inside in silence.

"So, now how about some answers?" Duo asked.

"Duo! She needs medical attention!" Quatre scolded.

"I'm fine, it's not like I haven't been raped before." She said surprising them with her response.

"How many times?" Quatre asked appalled.

"I don't know." Her voice was flat, with no emotion when she answered.

"I'll call Sally." Wufei said as he picked up the phone.

"Come on, this way, you need to rest." Quatre tried to lead her up the stairs.

"I'm telling…you…I'm…fine…" She slumped into Quatre's arms as she lost consciousness. Trowa took her from Quatre and carried her up to their room.

20 minutes later…

"Who is it this time guys?" Sally asked as she entered the house.

"Some chick named Bug." Duo answered.

"Bug the hacker?" Sally asked eyes wide.

"Guess so." He shrugged.

"Where is she?" Sally asked.

"I'll take you to her Sally." Quatre said from the stairs.

When Sally saw the infamous 'Bug' she nearly gasped. "What happened to her?"

"She was beaten very severely…and totally disgraced." Wufei said angrily.

"Disgraced?" Sally questioned.

"She was raped repeatedly." Heero confirmed coldly.

"My god! Move guys, let me work." She said.

"She's lost a lot of blood. But we don't think anything's broken." Quatre said helpfully.

"Help me get these bloodied clothes off of her." Sally ordered. Quatre and Trowa were the first ones to offer their assistance. Quatre removed Bug's shoes, and socks. Trowa gingerly removed Wufei's shirt from her upper body and tossed it to the Chinese pilot. Then working as a team the two removed the jeans from her battered legs. Quatre grimaced as he saw the bruises and scars marking her otherwise well formed legs.

Sally set to work gently but swiftly cleaning every cut and scrape, applying a bandage wherever one was needed. She worked for well over an hour before sighing tiredly. "I've done all I can. She'll need to stay in bed…" Sally stopped as Bug began to stir. Her eyes opened.

"Where am I?" She asked cautiously.

"You're in our room." Quatre said reassuringly.

Bug seemed unaffected that she was only clothed in a pair of white panties, while in a room full of people. Her eyes settled on Sally, one eyebrow raising, in question.

"I'm Sally Po, it's nice to meet you Bug. I've heard quite a few interesting rumors about you." Sally paused. "I've treated your wounds as best I could. You'll need to stay in bed for a few days. You've lost a lot of blood, so you need lots of R&R. And you need to stay warm, because at this point a fever could easily set in." She turned toward the pilots. "Keep a close eye on her." She said. "I've got to go. I'll stop back by in a couple of days to see how she's doing."

"Thank you for coming on such short notice." Quatre said, relieved that the girl on the bed was going to be all right.

"No problem. If anything happens, you know how to reach me." She smiled and left the room. "Bye Duo." She said before leaving the house.

"See ya Sally." Duo yawned. Heero and Wufei came down the stairs and joined Duo at the kitchen table. "So, how's Buggy?" Duo asked sarcastically.

"Sally said she'd be fine." Wufei answered.

"Ok. So, what's for supper tonight?" Duo asked.

"Whatever you can fix." Heero smirked.

"Oh, come on! You know I can't cook! I burned the potatoes last time!" Duo exclaimed.

"I still haven't figured out how you burned them when they were boiling in a pot of water." Heero said skeptically.

"Yeah, that one's got me stumped too." He turned to Wufei. "So Wu-man, who's cookin' to night?" Duo asked. Wufei didn't answer.

"Don't worry about it Duo, I'll cook supper tonight." Quatre said reassuringly.

"Thank God!" Duo sighed in relief.

Later at supper…

Bug was wearing some clothes that Quatre leant her, a pair of Khaki's and a white t-shirt. Heero still didn't trust her completely, so he was keeping a close eye on her while he ate the spaghetti that Quatre had fixed. Bug didn't say a word, and didn't seem to notice the way Heero kept glaring at her. Nor did she seem to care that both Trowa and Quatre kept glancing her way. In a way she was like Heero. Nothing seemed to bother her. She took one last bite and started to get up from the table. But because of the harsh beating she had received earlier she couldn't get around as well.

"Here let me help you." Quatre helped her up and led her to the living room. "Is there anything you need?" He asked gently. She shook her head in reply, and lay down on the couch. Quatre left her there to help clear the table.

"So, where's Buggy sleepin'?" Duo asked.

"She'll be staying in our room." Trowa announced quietly.

"Are you sure you can handle her?" Heero asked glaring at the slim pilot.

"She's in too much pain to cause any trouble." Quatre said. "She can barely walk without someone's help."

"She's your responsibility. Watch her carefully." Heero glared at the girl lying on the couch.

Later that night…

Bug's eyes opened and she tried to sit up. Her movements woke Quatre and Trowa instantly. The next thing she knew both bedside lamps were on and blinding her. She frowned and squinted her eyes shut, then opened them again. This time she could see a little better and didn't have to squint so much.

"Are you okay?" Quatre asked.

"I could use a trip to the bathroom." She said blandly. Quatre helped her to scoot across the bed and halfway across the room when he heard Trowa gasp. He turned and he felt a chill of dread course through him when he saw the blood stain on the bed sheets. Trowa was across the room in mere seconds and picked a surprised Bug up and carried her to the bathroom. He began checking her wounds to see if any of them had opened up. Finding none he looked at her curiously. Her face was slightly contorted in a faint mask of pain.

"Is she all right?" Quatre asked from the bathroom doorway.

"No wounds have opened up, I don't know where the blood is coming from." Trowa said, slightly worried.

"Just get me some pain killers and some pads and I'll be fine." Bug said sleepily.

"Pads?" The pilots looked at one another in confusion.

"Sorry about the blood stains, my period must have started earlier than usual." Realization dawning on him, Quatre blushed furiously.

"I'll give Sally a call." He left the room in a hurry.

"You gave us a scare." Trowa said gravely.

Bug shrugged. "Sorry, it's not my fault. But I'm glad it started, it proves I'm not pregnant." She smiled briefly. Trowa smiled back.

"Sally is on her way." Quatre said as he reentered the bathroom.

"What's goin' on? I was tryin' to sleep." Duo mumbled.

"Nothing." Quatre said.

Duo's eyes fell upon the bloodstained sheets. "Holy shit!"

"Nothing to worry about, my period just started a little early." Bug yawned.

"Eww! As long as you're not dying, well I'm goin' back to bed. Night guys, night Buggy." Duo made his way back to his room.

After a brief visit from Sally who gave Bug the supplies she'd asked for, and some fresh sheets, the three of them went to bed. Trowa and Quatre watched her doze for a little while, her guard completely gone as she slept.

"She's beautiful." Quatre whispered. Trowa looked at his lover in surprise. "Well she is." Quatre repeated.

"I know." Trowa agreed.

"Trowa, I've been meaning to talk to you. I'm the only male heir to my family's fortune and…"

"And we can't produce an heir." Trowa finished.

"She seems so alone, like she has nothing to live for." Quatre said changing the subject.

"And you were considering her as a third party in our lovemaking." Trowa finished.

"Yes." Quatre looked away, blushing.

"I wouldn't mind." Trowa smiled. "Although it will take some getting used to."

"Before you start planning my sex life, can I heal first?" Bug asked. Quatre blushed again, Trowa laughed.

"What is your real name?" Trowa asked.

"Kate." She said looking at him.

"Well, what do you say?" Quatre asked, his blush growing deeper.

"Like I said let me heal and we'll see what develops. Now goodnight." Kate closed her eyes and snuggled deeper into the bed. Trowa and Quatre each lightly kissed her lips and snuggled closer to her. Quatre had his face snuggled into her neck while Trowa draped his arm over her waist. Kate opened her eyes and looked at the sexy sleeping pilots, she smiled and rolled her eyes before drifting into slumber.

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