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Chapter 2: Firefly?

The days went by swiftly and to Kate's surprise she felt herself warming up to Quatre and Trowa. Heero, she decided was an asshole, Wufei was an honorable asshole. Duo was just comical, and he insisted on calling her by the nickname he'd given her.

"Hey Buggy?" Duo called from the kitchen.

"What?" Kate was lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket trying to take a nap. She was still weak from their little adventure and she tried to rest as much as possible.

"Want some lunch?" Duo asked sticking his head in the room.

"Not if you're fixing it." She stated firmly.

"Ha ha. Wufei's fixing lunch, not me." Duo stuck out his tongue.

"I'm not hungry." Kate said rolling her eyes.

"I'll fix lunch." Heero said.

"Heero, not everyone likes eating sushi." Duo said making a face.

"Amen to that." Kate agreed.

"We're out of fish." Heero growled. "So I can't fix sushi. I was planning on sandwiches."

"Phew!" Duo breathed a sigh of relief.

"In that case, I want ham." Kate yawned.

"There is no ham, Duo just finished the last of it off." Heero smirked as he glanced at Kate.

"Fine, I'll take a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich." Kate said.

"Mission accepted, crunchy or smooth?" Heero asked.


"Hey Buggy, what else do you like smooth?" Duo laughed. "Hey don't point at me with that finger."

"Don't make crude comments." Kate sighed.

"Enough you two!" Quatre laughed as he walked inside the living room and kneeled beside Kate. "How are you feeling?"

"Quatre, I'm not gonna die, I feel fine. So stop worrying." Kate smiled briefly.

Quatre caught his heart in his throat…her eyes held an inner mystery almost as alluring as Trowa's. His daydreaming was interrupted when Duo began singing loudly and surprisingly on key…

"Wufei and Sally sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love then comes marriage here comes…Ahhhh!" The next thing Quatre and Kate saw was Duo running around the living room, with a sword-bearing Wufei at his heels.

"Stop running like a coward so I can kill you!" Wufei raged.

"Hell no! I may be a coward but I'm not a coward with a death wish!" Duo continued to run and finally managed to hide behind Sally who had just stopped by.

"If you don't have a death wish you wouldn't patronize Wufei as much as you do." Sally chuckled. "Hello Bug, ready for your check up?" Sally asked.

"Sure, why not." Kate answered as she rose from the couch and unwrapped the blanket from her body, with a little help from Quatre of course.

"Well everything looks all right." Sally smiled warmly at Kate.

"So I'm completely healed?" Kate asked.

"Yep." Sally answered.

"Bet the guys will be glad to hear that." Kate muttered.

"See you guys later!" Sally called as she left the house.

"Hey Buggy! What'd Sally say?" Duo asked.

"I'm healed." Kate answered bluntly.

"Cool! So you wanna come snuggle with me tonight, it's gotta be kinda crowed in Trowa and Quatre's bed. Besides the only time they're even able to get any is in the shower, they need the bed to themselves for a while." Duo rambled.

"No thanks, I like my sleeping arrangement." Kate grinned mischievously at Duo.

"Lucky Dogs." Duo muttered.

"We haven't been lucky yet." Trowa said startling them both.

"Trowa man, ya gotta stop scaring the shit outta people like that!" Duo said gasping for breath. "Wait a minute, what do you mean by yet?" Duo asked curiously.

"Um nothing at all." Quatre said blushing furiously.

"Then why are you turnin' red?" Duo snickered.

"Lunch is ready." Heero announced.

"Good." Kate followed Heero into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

Just then the vid-phone rang. "I'll get it." Quatre said as he approached the phone, which was located in the kitchen.

"Hello?" Quatre asked, after turning the phone on.

A shadowy figure appeared on the screen. "Put Bug on the phone." It whispered.

"Kate, it's for you." Quatre said.

Kate looked up, and paled slightly. Rising from her seat she made her way to the phone across the room. "Yes?"

"We have the firefly. If you want her back you will travel to where the Night Flower blooms. That is all." The screen went blank.

Kate sank to her knees, her face white as a ghost. "Damn them!" Tears ran down her cheeks, and she didn't bother to brush them away. "Damn them all to Hell!" She shrieked.

Quatre and Trowa were on either side of her in a matter of seconds. Kate sobbed on Trowa's shoulder while Quatre wrapped his arm around her.

"Women are such weaklings." Wufei snorted.

"Fuck you Wufei." Kate snarled through her tears.

"Sorry, I don't stoop that low." Wufei grinned in victory.

Kate didn't respond to Wufei's harsh statement, instead she held Trowa and Quatre close for a minute. Then released both young men, planting a firm kiss on one then the other. She sighed and rose to her feet and left the room. Soon the sound her motorcycle could be heard roaring away.

"Come on we have to follow her!" Quatre started to run after Kate but Trowa grabbed his arm to stop him.

"If she wanted help she would have asked. What ever this is about she wants to do it on her own." Trowa explained in a voice that barely wavered.

"Still, I wonder what all that was about?" Duo wondered aloud.

"I suggest that we watch the news tomorrow and find out." Heero suggested.

"Why?" Wufei asked.

"The man on the phone said something about a firefly. It's more than likely a code name for something that Kate considers important." Heero explained taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"I thought we were outta ham!" Duo exclaimed.

"I lied." Heero said bluntly.

"Figures." Duo mumbled.

"What Heero said makes sense. After all her code name is Bug." Trowa nodded in agreement with Heero's previous statement.

"Maybe Firefly is a codename for a person." Quatre suggested looking sadly into Trowa's eyes.

"We'll ask her when she comes back." Trowa promised.

"Wonder how long we'll have to wait?" Duo asked.

"We'll just have to wait and see." Heero said.

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