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Chapter 3: Rescue and Escape

Bug crept slowly around, watching the guards that were guarding the main entrance to the warehouse. She silently made her way to a fire escape and quickly climbed the ladder to an upper window. She slid the window open and climbed down another ladder. When she reached the floor she looked around. The warehouse wasn't really a warehouse at all; in fact it looked like a base of some sort. Swiftly she made her way down several corridors undetected. Upon reaching the security center she kicked the door open and threw in a sleep gas bomb. When she was sure that the guard watching the security cameras was unconscious she tied him to his chair and gagged him.

She returned to her search for Firefly, taking out several guards on her way. Finally she came to the lower level of the building where the holding cells were located. First she rendered the only guard unconscious and stole his keys. Then she began looking in each cell until she came upon one with a small huddled red haired form in a corner. Quickly she found the key that matched the lock and raced into the cell. When she started to lift the form up she noticed it was much lighter than it should be. Taking a flashlight out of her pouch she shined it on the face of the small form…it was a manikin. She'd been lured into a trap.

"Nice to see you again Bug." A cold voice said from somewhere behind her.

Turning to face the voice she glared at the man who had greeted her, her blazing green eyes meeting his icy blue ones. "Where is she?" Bug growled.

"Firefly? Right here." He stepped aside while another man shoved the child in. Her hair was as red as Bug's only shorter and her eyes were just as green.

"Mommy!" The little girl stumbled into Bug's arms.

"It's okay my little Firefly, I'm here." Bug whispered into the child's hair.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to announce to the world that Bug the hacker has been executed, along with her Accomplice, the unknown Firefly." The man snickered.

"What, she's just a child! Stanton you can't do this!" Bug gasped.

"Oh yes I can. Good Night ladies, have a nice afterlife." With that the man and his guards left and sealed the cell up. The next thing Bug knew a green gas began to seep through the vents in the floor.

"No. Firefly, hurry put this on." Bug said as she dug out a small gas mask and helped her daughter put it on, then putting on her own.

"Mommy, I'm scared!" Firefly trembled in her Mother's arms.

"Don't be, we will get out of here, I promise you that." Bug said. "Stay right here." Bug rose to her feet and ran to the cell door. Once there she took out a small explosive and taped it to the lock on the door. "Get in the corner and cover your head!" Bug ordered as she ran to her daughter to shield her. She made just as the explosive went off and broke the lock. Slowly the damaged door swung open creating a means of escape for the two females. "Come on baby." Bug picked her daughter up and ran out of the cell and through the base retracing her steps the whole way.

They stopped at the Security center where Bug put the base in self-destruct mode, and planted a virus so that the command couldn't be undone. Then grabbed her daughter and ran like mad out the front entrance leaving two dead guards in her wake. Finally she managed to get them to her motorcycle just outside the base grounds. Gingerly she placed her daughter in front of her on the seat before starting the bike and taking off.

The two were almost home free when she saw Firefly's kidnapper and a few of his guards; they'd created a roadblock with a few military cars. Bug slowed the bike down long enough to grab a couple of grenades from her pouch.

"Okay Firefly, take this grenade. When I give the signal, I want you to pull out this pin and throw the grenade at the bad guys. Can you do that for me?" Bug asked.

"Yes Mommy." Firefly answered.

"That's my girl."

"Give it up Bug, there's no way out." Stanton yelled.

"That's what you think!" Bug yelled back. Just then more guards drove up behind them. "Damn!" Bug whispered.

"Now where do I throw it?" Firefly asked.

"Throw it at the bad guys in front of us." Bug said hurriedly.

"I'm waiting for an answer Bug, unless you want to lose your Firefly." He grinned victoriously.

"Now Firefly!" Bug whispered. The child did as she was told and pulled the pin, throwing the grenade at the roadblock in front of them. Meanwhile Bug did the same aiming at the guards behind them. "Get down!" Bug shielded her daughter as the grenades exploded. Then without a minute to lose the two escaped and headed to the safe house.

"Mommy where are we going?" Firefly asked.

"I'm staying with some friends right now. We're going to their house." Bug replied.

"Do they have any ice-cream?" Firefly asked hopefully.

"I'm not sure. We can ask when we get there, okay."

"Okay." With that Firefly snuggled closer to her mom and fell asleep.

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