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Chapter 4: Home Again

"Holy Shit! You guys need to see this!" Duo yelled from the living room.

"What is it Duo?!" Quatre asked fearfully, closely followed by Trowa.

"What are you yelling about now Maxwell?" Wufei yelled.

Duo just pointed to the television screen where a reporter was at the scene of a recent attack.

"Last night this warehouse was attacked by a Lone hacker known only as Bug, and her accomplice Firefly. The two planted a virus in the security system and turned on the self-destruct program. They were almost apprehended but managed to escape by literally blowing up the soldiers that had them cornered. There was only one survivor, Sergeant Keith Stanton who told us what happened, and then died from massive blood loss. Bug and Firefly have left no trail for authorities to follow, in fact they seem quite happy for that fact. For Bug is known to be quite dangerous and unpredictable."

"Damn she's good!" Duo cheered.

"Whose good?" A feminine voice asked from the doorway.

"Welcome back Kate." Heero said not bothering to look toward her.

"Kate!" Quatre turned and started to run to her, but stopped when he saw the child in her arms.

"Shh. She's still asleep, mind if I put her in our room?" Kate whispered.

"Go ahead." Trowa answered putting his arm around a stunned Quatre.

"Thanks." Kate turned and headed toward the stairs.

A few minutes later she returned and sat on the couch, obviously exhausted.

"Who's the brat?" Wufei asked.

"She's not a brat." Kate said wearily in no mood for Wufei's attitude.

Trowa and Quatre sat on either side of her.

"Who is she?" Trowa asked gently.

"My daughter."

"Firefly?" Duo asked.

"That's her nickname, her real name is Lilly."

"How old is she?" Quatre asked.


"Why did they go after her?" Duo asked.

"To trap me. They almost gassed us, but luckily I had a small explosive to get us out of there." Kate said tiredly.

"We know the rest from the news report." Heero said.

"Yeah, but did you know that Lilly was a good little girl and threw the grenade at the bad guys in front of us. She was so brave, and didn't ask a single question." Kate leaned against Quatre's shoulder and sighed. "Mind if I rest now?" And with that she was asleep.

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