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Chapter 5: Mr. Heero, Lilly's Idol?

Lilly awoke in a bedroom she didn't recognize. Scared she got out of bed and left the room behind. She climbed her way down the stairs and found her mom in the living room. She smiled when she saw her mother asleep in the arms of a kind looking blond man. Another man sat with them, he had brown hair that sort of spiked down, hiding half of his face. He saw her first and smiled.

"Come here Lilly." Trowa said gently.

Lilly walked over to them and asked. "Is Mommy all right?"

"Yes, she's just fine. She's a little tired that's all." The blond said sweetly.

Trowa held out his hand to the small girl. "I'm Trowa Barton."

"And I'm Quatre Winner."

"You already know my name. But I'm not supposed to tell people my last name." Lilly explained.

"Hey, is Kate awake?" Duo stuck his head in the room.

"No she's still asleep Duo." Quatre said quietly.

"Hey kid, the name's Duo Maxwell. You're Lilly right?" Duo asked. "Are you hungry?"


"Come on, let's see if we can find ya somethin' to eat that doesn't have to be cooked." Duo held his hand out to Lilly who accepted it and the two headed to the kitchen.

"Do you have any peanut butter and jelly?" Lilly asked.

"Sure do. Smooth peanut butter right?" Duo asked.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Lilly asked wide-eyed.

"I'm special." Duo answered.

"That's what your mom likes." Heero said from the kitchen table. "That's how Duo knew."

"Screw you Heero." Duo mumbled.

Lilly giggled.

"Not funny. Ya want a sandwich or not?"

Lilly nodded yes despite her giggles.

"I'll fix it. I don't really trust you when it comes to fixing food." Heero said standing up and heading to the counter.

"Fine then, I'll just go bug Wufei." Duo snorted and left the room.

"What's your name?" Lilly asked.


"Hi Heero, I'm Lilly."

"I know who you are."

"Why are you so grouchy?"

"Why do you ask so many questions?"

"To learn."


"Lilly sweetheart, stop pestering Heero." Kate said as she walked to the kitchen table, followed by Quatre and Trowa.

"I'm not Mommy, Mr. Heero is fixing me something to eat." Lilly said innocently as she climbed into Kate's lap.

"He isn't fixing you Sushi is he?" Kate asked in mock horror.

"Nope, peanut butter and jelly." Lilly said.

"At least it's not alive." Kate snickered.

"Mommy, are the bad guys gonna get me again?" Lilly asked in a whisper.

Kate was silent, for she wasn't sure how to answer her daughter's question. So, Trowa answered for her.

"No Lilly, the bad guys won't get you again."

"We'll make sure of that." Quatre added. "You and your Mommy have friends now, and we'll protect you no matter what."

"Even Mr. Heero?" Lilly asked, still unsure.

"Yes, even me." Heero said bluntly as he placed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in front of Lilly. He turned away from the group and began to leave the kitchen, but before he could escape Lilly had slid out of her mother's grasp and had tackled Heero's legs in a fierce hug. Heero froze and looked at the little girl disbelievingly. She stared back, her green eyes filled with utter adoration. Finally Lilly released her hold and skipped back to her mother and her sandwich.

Heero still in a slight shock left the kitchen, quickly exiting the house and heading toward the hanger to make some adjustments to Wing Zero. He was greeted by a panic stricken Duo, who narrowly escaped a pair of flying bolt cutters.

"Jeez! You'd think he didn't like me or somethin'!" Duo gasped for breath. "Yo, Heero, you look a little pale. Ya sick or somethin'?"

"She hugged me." Heero stated.



"Why? I mean no offense, but you aren't very cuddly." Duo snickered.

"I confirmed the fact that I would protect her and her mom if they needed protecting." Heero explained.

"Man, she's as weird as her mom." Duo said.

"What do you mean?" Heero demanded.

"Well, Kate is, well I don't know how to describe Kate. But Lilly, has already decided that you're her idol. So watch what you do ok. No more suicide attempts, all right. The last thing we need is a miniature you runnin' around."

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