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Furry Cupid and the Unlikely Lovers

A/N: I love odd pairings! ^^

Part One: Sleeping Over

The flame haired ninjen looked around him. He was alone, yet he wasn’t. He couldn’t see any one following him, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.

“Aiekichi!” He called, desperately. His beloved kitten had somehow managed to get outside, and had disappeared into a nearby park. “Where did you go?” Kuwabara sighed and continued looking for his cat.

He had snuggled down for the night, wrapping his cloak tightly around him. He shifted his feet, trying to get comfortable, when something pounced on his moving appendages. Startled he drew his sword and jumped up, ready to battle any threat.

“Meow.” It was a kitten.

After sweat dropping and nearly falling over he re-sheathed his sword. “Stupid cat.” Ignoring the kitten he lay back down in the nest he had made, curling up under his cloak once again.

The kitten, who didn’t like this arrangement, climbed over his hip and shoved her way under the man’s chin. He grunted, and started to push the little fur ball away, when the orange tabby curled up and began to purr. Finding the sound soothing, like some forgotten lullaby of the past, he fell asleep.

Kuwabara had just about given up hope of finding his kitten, when he stumbled upon a small patch of woods. He quietly crept through the trees, until he found a small clearing. And what he saw in the fading light, almost made his heart stop.

For there, curled up together in a little nest of grass and leaves were Hiei and Aiekichi, sound asleep. {They’re so cute. Wait a minute, Hiei’s not cute, what am I thinking. Okay so maybe he’s a little cute when he’s asleep. And he is well built. Ahh! Bad thoughts! Bad thoughts!} Shaking his head he decided to wake them up.

“Hiei. Hey, wake up.” Kuwabara reached out so shake the fire demon’s shoulder.

Hiei felt a hand on his shoulder and immediately sprang into action. Grabbing the had he pulled his attacker to the ground, straddling him and holding his sword at their throat, all in a matter of seconds.

“Ahh! Hiei! Snap out of it! It’s me! Kuwabara!” The ninjen squeaked.

“What do you want Baka?” Hiei snapped standing up and putting his sword away once more.

“I was looking for my kitten!” Kuwabara whimpered.


“Aiekichi!” Kuwabara sprang up, and picked up his kitten, cuddling her. “You had me worried sick!”

Hiei smirked at the scene before him. It wasn’t every day that he saw someone like Kuwabara cuddling a kitten.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing you baka. Now leave. I would like to rest for the night.”

Kuwabara looked around the clearing. “You’re going to sleep here?”

“I do every night.” Hiei replied.

Kuwabara was quiet for a minute. “I guess I’ll go now.” He started to leave the clearing when Aiekichi began to squirm in his arms. “What’s wrong girl?” Aiekichi jumped down and ran to Hiei, promptly attaching herself to his pant leg.

“Remove your little fur ball from my leg.” Hiei demanded, trying to shake the little nuisance off.

“Aiekichi, come on, let go of Hiei.”

“Meow!” Aiekichi refused to detach herself from Hiei.

“I’ve never seen her act like this before.” Kuwabara thought for a moment. “Maybe if we take her home. . . Maybe she’ll let go.”


“Come on, follow me.” Kuwabara led Hiei out of the clearing, and out of the park.

The apartment was quiet, except for the low soft snoring, occupying the living room.

“Sis must have drunk herself to sleep again.” Kuwabara sighed and motioned for Hiei, the kitten carrier, to follow him.

Once they had entered Kuwabara’s room, Aiekichi hopped off of Hiei’s pant leg, and trotted out the door. Kuwabara stored at the feline as she left. “Sneaky kitten.” He muttered under his breath.

Hiei was just about to follow Aiekichi’s path, when Kuwabara stopped him.

“Since you’re here, you can stay the night.”

“Do you want me here?” Hiei asked, smirking.

“I. . .uh. . .yes. . .no. I mean, there’s no sense sleeping outside in the cold when you can stay here.” The red head stuttered.

“Hn.” Hiei smirked again.

“Let’s see, the couch is taken. I don’t think sis would like it if you slept in her bed. So that leaves my bed, or the spare futon. Which do you want?”

“The bed.”

“Ok. Make yourself at home.” Kuwabara closed the bedroom door, and retrieved the futon for himself.

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