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Furry Cupid and the Unlikely Lovers

Part Two: Kuwabara’s Confusion

Hiei gazed at the ninjen sprawled out on the small futon. He had been rather surprised when Kuwabara had willingly given up his bed. He wasn’t used to such kindness, and he didn’t know how to react to it.

Unknowingly his hand drifted to the softness that was the ninjen’s hair. Kuwabara had showered and washed away the gel that kept it neat and hard like a shell.

While his hand reveled in the soft recesses of Kuwabara’s hair, his eyes took in the high cheekbones, strong jaw, and the pearl white skin. Kuwabara may not be the prettiest ninjen, but he wasn’t the ugliest either.

His body was rock hard, and strong. Hiei examined all he could see with an expert assessment.

“If only your eyes were open, then I’d be able to memorize their color.” Hiei sighed and removed his hand, now drenched in the scent of shampoo.

Kuwabara was extremely comfortable, he felt safe, and content. Then the feeling left, and he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a pair of crimson orbs, staring at him. Kuwabara gulped, and dared to look into those endless red depths.

Hiei stopped moving and was shocked to discover that Kuwabara’s eyes had opened. He had never seen anything so beautiful. Two identical pools of cerulean gazed back at him, staring him down. Hardly anyone ever dared to look the forbidden half-breed in the eye. But for some reason this young man did, and he was unafraid.

They remained like that for sometime, neither bothered to look away. And before they knew it, morning had come, and they were still gazing into each other’s eyes. They seemed to be under some sort of spell.

“Hey Kazuma! You awake?” The drowsy female burst into the room, causing both males to jump and finally break eye contact. “Whoopsie. Sorry bro. Didn’t know you had your boyfriend over. I’ll leave you two alone now…..Hey, he’s kinda cute. Nice taste baby bro…..Have fun!” She winked at them and closed the door.

Kuwabara was speechless.

Hiei smirked. “Boyfriend?”

Kuwabara remained silent.

“Is that what I am, Kuwa?”

“I…..I…..uh…..that is…..”

“I’ll be back later…..boyfriend.” Hiei rose from the bed, threw on his cloak and sword and left through the window.

“Boyfriend? Kuwa?” He blushed. “What’s he up to?”

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