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Furry Cupid and the Unlikely Lovers

Part 3: Hiei’s Proposal

Kuwabara hadn’t been able to concentrate in school that day, not that he ever did. But today he didn’t ever respond to Yusuke’s teasing and taunting. He just kept thinking about a certain fire demon.

“What did he mean by ‘I’ll be back later…..Boyfriend.’ He called me Kuwa.” He shivered, oddly pleased that Hiei had used his nickname.

When he got home only Aiekichi was there to greet him. “Meow.”

“Hey girl. Did you miss me?” Picking up the bundle of fur, he made his way to the kitchen to fix some soup and noodles.

After setting the kitten in a kitchen chair, Kuwabara fixed the tea kettle and put it on the stove to heat up. HE looked in the cupboard. “Great, all we have is instant. Oh well, guess I’ll have that.”

“What? No desert?” A deep caressing voice inquired.

“Huh? H-Hiei, I didn’t here you come in.”

“I’ve been here most of the day… I had an interesting conversation, with your sister.”

Uh oh. Kuwabara thought.

“I brought desert.” Hiei walked across the kitchen to the freezer, retrieving a tub of chocolate ice cream. “And I hope you like pizza.”


“Because that’s what’s in the oven.”

“You can cook?”

“Thanks to Kurama.”

A vision of the beautiful fox flashed through Kuwabara’s mind. “Oh.”

“Shizuru will be gone all night, so it’s just the two of us.” Hiei wore is trademark smirk as Kuwabara blushed lightly.

“She’s probably gone to the bar again.”

“On the contrary, she’s spending the night with Botan.” The timer went off and Hiei removed the pizza from the oven.

“Girls night out huh?”

“Something like that.”

Dinner went rather smoothly, Aiekichi even got a slice of pizza, which she gnawed on happily. Desert however was another story…..

Kuwabara stared disbelievingly at Hiei, who literally dived into his ice cream. The usually distant Fire Demon had some how managed to cover himself in the chocolate coldness. Kuwabara put a hand over his mouth and snickered uncontrollably.

“What’s so funny?” Hiei demanded.

“Your….. face….. chocolate!” Kuwa laughed.

Hiei smirked and leaned across the table. Scooping Kuwabara’s ice cream up in his bare hand, he smeared it on the lower half of the Ninjen’s face.

Kuwabara was speechless as he blushed angrily, causing some of the ice cream to melt.

Hiei’s snickering stopped as he stared at the chocolate, framing the most delicious pale pink lips he’d ever seen. His gaze rose to meet a beautiful pair of blazing cerulean eyes.

“What are you staring at shrimp?” Kuwabara growled.

Hiei grinned hungrily. “There’s something on your face Kuwa, maybe I should get it for you.”


Before Kuwabara knew what was happening, Hiei was in his lap.

“What’re you doing?” The ninjen squealed.

Instead of answering, Hiei’s tongue darted out to clean Kuwabara’s chin, causing the boy to shiver.

“Cleaning you.”

“Hey Hiei!”

“Ahh! It’s Shizuru!” Kuwabara lost his balance and the chair fell backwards.

“Oopsie.” Giggle Botan, who was busy glomping Shizuru.

“What are you doing here?” Hiei growled, who was currently straddling the fallen boy’s waist.

“Sorry for ruining your seduction Hiei, but we decided to come back here. We won’t bother you any more tonight.”

“Although you might want to moan loud enough to drown us out.” Botan giggled again.

“Have fun boys.” Shizuru winked at them and led Botan to her room.

“Now where was I?” Hiei smirked at the male beneath him.

“Seduction?” The redhead sputtered.

“Yes, those two were supposed to come home tomorrow morning to find the apartment in disarray, and us exhausted from hours of hot sex.” Hiei answered calmly.

Kuwabara was anything but calm. “SEX!?” In a panic he threw Hiei off and scrambled for his bedroom, and slammed the door.

“You forget how fast I am.” A husky whisper came from behind him.

“Ahh!” Kuwabara squealed.

“Calm yourself.”

“Why?” Kuwabara asked suddenly.

“Why what?”

“Why me, why not Kurama?”

“Kurama is my associate, nothing more. As for you…..” The demon pulled the ninjen down for a kiss. Kuwabara moaned at the seducing flavor of chocolate and fire. Hiei broke the kiss and licked a bit of chocolate off the tip of Kuwa’s nose. “You’re filled with an inner fire, that rivals the heat of a fire demon.”

“What are you getting at?”

“Be my mate, Kuwa.”


“My lover, my significant other, be mine.” Hiei whispered.

Kuwabara looked uncertain. “I don’t know.”

Hiei reached into his pocket and brought a ring into view. “Please be my mate Kazuma Kuwabara.” He slipped the ring on Kuwa’s finger. The ring was gold and inlayed with tiny red jewels all the way around.

“What’s this?”

“An engagement ring. The jewels are my tear gems.”

Shocked at the gift, Kuwabara did the only logical thing to do in this situation….. He started to cry.

“Did I say something wrong?” Hiei asked, very confused.

Still crying Kuwabara led Hiei to the bed and they both sat down.

“Kuwa, what’s wrong?”

Sniffing, the redhead hugged the shorter male.


“Yes, oh Gods yes.”

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