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Furry Cupid and the Unlikely Lovers

Part Four: Chocolate Covered Kuwa… Yummy!


“Yes. I’m yours.”

Hiei grinned and tackled the large body. “All mine?”

“All yours.” Kuwabara smirked. “Had you worried there for a minute didn’t I?”

“You did, but I’m going to get even.”

Suddenly a scream of pleasure burst through the apartment.

Kuwabara and Hiei sweat-dropped.

“Maybe we should catch up?” Hiei suggested.

“Hell yeah.” Kuwabara agreed gleefully.

“I’m on top.” The demon stated.

“Aww….. fine.”

Hiei leaned down capturing Kazuma’s mouth his own. He ran his tongue over the ninjen’s lips, demanding entrance, into the moist depths. Moaning, Kuwabara eagerly let the demon in, accepting the challenge, and daring to reach out with his own tongue. Hiei groaned and broke away.

“Mmm. Pizza flavored.”

Kuwabara actually giggled and nipped at the fire demon’s kiss swollen lips. “At least I’m not covered in chocolate.”

“Chocolate, hmm, what an appetizing idea.” In a flash he was gone and back again, but now he had the chocolate ice cream with him.

“What the?” Kuwabara stared at his demon in confusion, with no warning Hiei dragged him to the adjoining bathroom and dumped him unceremoniously in the tub.

“What the hell are you doing Hiei?”

Instead of answering, Hiei attacked the helpless ninjen and removed his offending garments in a matter of seconds. Kuwabara lay naked before him in the tub, blushing enough that his face almost matched his hair.

“Are you gonna answer me?” The red-faced boy glared.

In the blink of an eye, Hiei stripped, causing the ninjen to blush more. “Be patient.” Hiei picked up the ice cream and melted it with a touch of his finger. Climbing into the tub Hiei began to pour the warm chocolate on the pale skinned body before him. Starting at the lips, and on down the chest, finally stopping after coating Kuwabara’s growing member. Eagerly he threw the empty bucket away.

Kuwabara couldn’t help but moan under Hiei’s starving gaze. He wanted the fire demon to kiss him again, to claim him.

Hiei kneeled over him and began to lick his lips clean. His hot tongue lapping, and swirling over his chocolate covered skin. Hiei kissed him again, gently pulling at his lower lip. But he didn’t stop there, he took his sweet time licking and nipping at Kuwabara’s tender throat and chest. Kuwabara hissed in pleasure as Hiei’s tongue dipped into his navel to remove the liquid chocolate. The crimson eyed demon quietly smirked while kneeling between milk white thighs. Despite the powerful muscles, the skin was smooth and felt like silk to Hiei’s tongue, as he worked his way to a certain chocolate covered organ.

“Don’t stop.” Kuwabara moaned.

“I wasn’t planning on it.” Hiei rant he tip of his tongue on the underside of the upright cock. Stopping at the head and swirling his wet appendage around, licking the white pre-cum away. “Hmm. Chocolate covered Kuwa.” He began to attack the hard penis, much slower than he had the ice cream. Slowly he took Kuwabara’s entire length into his hot mouth, fondling the velvet skin sacs.

Kuwabara could have sworn that Hiei’s mouth was getting warmer, only increasing his pleasure. Daring to look, his passion glazed cerulean eyes focused on Hiei, just as a streak of white-hot fire shot through him.

Hiei swallowed and released Kuwabara’s exhausted cock.

“Damn.” Kuwabara sighed.

“That’s only the beginning.” Hiei smirked and reached for a bottle of lotion. He opened it and squeezed some out, warming it in his hands. “You’ll need to relax.” Slowly Hiei kissed him, while spreading his legs and finding the puckered entrance.

Kuwabara tensed up involuntarily, but managed to relax as a warm slick finger teased his ass. Then another joined it, and another. Kuwabara moaned when the fingers were removed leaving him aroused and hard once more.

“All mine.” Hiei whispered, while lubricating his own erection.

“All yours.”

Hiei positioned himself at the readied entrance. “It might hurt, I’ll go as slow as I…”

Not letting the fire demon finish, the ninjen took hold of his chin and kissed him. “Do it now shrimp.”

“Anything you want baka.” He slid inside the virgin opening, and Kuwabara hissed through clenched teeth. “Easy it won’t hurt much longer.”

After buring himself inside as far as he could go, Hiei pulled out almost all the way, leaving the tip inside, and pushed back in again. He began to thrust in a rhythm, scooting around until Kuwabara wa up against the bathtub wall. Angled as they were, when Hiei thrust in again he hit that certain spot that causes the most pleasure, causing the human to gasp.

Kuwabara had no idea that sex could be this good. And was it just his imagination? Or was Hiei’s cock getting warmer, almost hot as his thrusts continued. Who cared? The heat only made it better.

Hiei kept it up, Kuwabara’s cock ramming against his hard stomach. The fire demon reached down and began pumping the forgotten dick. He knew he was coming closer, he had to get ready. Baring his teeth, he bit down on Kuwabara’s shoulder, at the very bas of his neck.

Kuwabara felt no pain, nor did he notice the thin trail of blood which ran down his chest. He was too busy moaning, throwing his head back and screaming as he came.


As the larger body shuddered around his heated cock, Hiei continued thrusting. But when Kuwabara screamed his name, he was pushed over the edge, coming with a ferocious growl of satisfaction.

Kuwabara could feel Hiei’s release as he was flooded with liquid warmth. His own semen was spread over their stomachs, a great white stickiness.

And they collapsed, breathing hard, covered in sweat and sticky.

“All mine.” Hiei whispered again as he claimed the other’s lips.

“All yours.”

“Damn.” Hiei said suddenly.


“I forgot the whip cream.” Hiei looked at him hungrily once more.

“Whip cream?”

“Hmm. Whip cream flavored Kuwa.” Hiei licked his lips. “Be right back.”

Before he could get up however…


Aiekichi pushed the container of cool whip through the open door. She stopped when it was within Hiei’s reach.

“Meow.” She winked and left again.

“Sneaky kitten.” Kuwabara muttered.

“I’m beginning to like that little fur ball.” Hiei smirked and tackled Kuwabara again.

“Well how did it go?”

“It went fine.”

“Are they together?” Koenma looked at the ball of fuzz sitting on his desk.

“Yes they’re together.” Aiekichi answered.

“You’re sure?”

“Koenma, when I left Hiei and Kuwabara were having hot kinky whip cream sex. Yes they are definitely together.”

“Good, you did you job well.”

“Of course, I’m one of Sir Cupid’s best students, you of all beings should know that.” Suddenly the cute kitten transformed into a beautiful seductress. “Now maybe we should pick up where we left off.” She smiled and she climbed into his lap, her brown hair spreading over them in long flowing waves. She grabbed his pacifier and threw it over her shoulder, kissing his handsome adult form.

“Who am I to resist Cupid’s top student?” He smirked and kissed her back.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I believe there’s a good chance of Kuwabara getting pregnant.”


A/N: I’m planning on writing a sequel with Kuwa being pregnant. Don’t ask, I just feel like it. But I have no idea when this story will make an appearance. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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