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Lovers To Be

A/N: Yaoi. Unusual pairing, Kuwabara/Yusuke.

Chapter 1

Kuwabara stared at his reflection sadly. I wonder if Keiko knows how lucky she is? He sneered at himself. You love sick fool, you're just to chicken to tell Yusuke how you feel about him. He looked at his reflection and smiled grimly. "Damn straight I'm scared." Sighing he began to put on his new out fit. The clothes had been a bit expensive, but what the hell, it was a special occasion…sort of. To get his mind off of Yusuke, Kuwabara had decided to go to the new gay club in town.

Staring at his reflection once more he was shocked at how different he looked. The skin-tight white t-shirt left little to the imagination and stopped about mid-drift. The black leather vest thrown over the shirt complimented the look, especially when it was left open. His gazed traveled down the mirror in front of him, realizing just how tight his new leather pants were, and just how well the black boots went with them. For the finishing touch he'd bought a necklace of black onyx beads, which were now around his neck.

"Good enough I guess." He sighed heavily. I wonder what Uremeshi would think? Stop that, Yusuke's got Keiko. Kuwabara frowned at himself before turning from the mirror and leaving the room. "See ya sis!" He yelled as he grabbed his leather jacket and left the apartment.

"Whatever." Came the drunken reply.

"Stupid dream." Yusuke muttered under his breath as he made his way downtown. "Stupid Keiko and her stupid advice." He sighed as he remembered the sweet dream where he'd willingly let Kuwabara take him. The dream had been so real that he'd woken up with a hard on. Telling Keiko hadn't really helped, she just commented on how sweet it all was that Yusuke was in love with his best friend. He stopped for a moment, love…yeah it was love he felt for the fighter. Yusuke recalled what Keiko had told him…"Tell him Yusuke, you might like his reaction."…Stupid Keiko and her stupid advice, of course he couldn't tell Kuwabara how he felt, he'd end up with black eye at the very least if he did. Sighing heavily he glanced at the building that was his destination. The new Gay Club in town, Hot Stuff. What the hell, here it goes.

Kuwabara was sitting in a booth by himself, drinking a soda and wallowing in self-pity. Sighing at himself disgustedly he got up and was about to leave when he saw the object of his misery walk in. What the hell is he doin' here? He stood there frozen to the floor; his mouth hanging open once he realized what Yusuke was wearing. Yusuke saw him and smiled, and started to walk toward him. Kuwabara stared in disbelief and nearly drooled. Yusuke wore a black short-sleeve leather shirt that fit like a second skin. Like Kuwabara's own shirt it stopped at mid-drift, leaving his tanned stomach bare for all to see. The pants hung low on his slender hips clung tightly to his legs until his knees where they began to bell out. Completing the out fit was a pair of black leather boots and a chain of small metal spikes draped around his neck.

Holy Shit!

Yusuke was surprised to see Kuwabara in a place like this. Why is he in a gay club? Walking over to the lover in his dream Yusuke smiled. "Mind if I join you?"

Kuwabara gulped. Crap, crap, crap. Breathe; stay calm, don't panic. "Sorry Uremeshi, I was just leavin'." That's it play it cool. As he turned to leave Yusuke grabbed his wrist.

"Come on stay a while…please." Yusuke looked at Kuwabara pleadingly.

Since when does he say please? Oh what the hell, I'm screwed any way now that he's found me in a gay club. "Fine, ya big baby. I'll stay with ya for a while."

"Thanks Kuwabara." Yusuke sat down in the booth Kuwabara sat across from him. They sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity.

"So what're you doin' here?" Kuwabara asked.

"I should ask you the same thing." Yusuke smirked. "I didn't know you were gay."

Kuwabara gulped. "Yeah, well, I was kinda shocked when I found out myself." He looked into Yusuke's eyes. "What about you, since when did you become gay, or are you just bi?"

"Full out gay."

"What about Keiko?"

"She's more like a little sister than anything else." Yusuke sighed. "She even encouraged me to come here."

They stopped talking when a brown haired, green-eyed hunk walked over to their table. "May I have this dance?" He looked at Kuwabara hungrily. Kuwabara paled.

"Sorry, he's taken." Yusuke growled.

"I'm sure that a big boy like this can answer for himself." The hunk purred smiling seductively at Kuwabara.

"Come on Uremeshi, let's dance." Kuwabara smiled nervously as he and Yusuke brushed past the hunk to the dance floor. Unfortunately the moment they got situated the slow song stopped and the music changed to a fast beat. Kuwabara froze in panic, he had no idea what to do now that he'd reached his destination.

Yusuke however was a little more confident and placed Kuwabara's hands on his own slender hips and began to move in time to the music. Slowly Kuwabara relaxed and let his body join Yusuke's in the erotic and suggestive movements.

Yusuke moved closer to Kuwabara, grinding his body into the taller fighter's, causing himself to pant faintly in the process. Kuwabara just basked in the pleasure he was getting from dancing with Yusuke.

Soon the music began to speed up even more, causing the movements of the two dancers to quicken and become more arousing by the second. Yusuke was unconsciously driving Kuwabara in sane with his seductive movements and sexy grace.

I've gotta get outta here quick! Kuwabara thought, panic lacing through him. Then, as if reading his thoughts the music ended. Without thinking he pulled Yusuke from the dance floor and back to the booth, where he grabbed his jacket and promptly draped it over Yusuke's shoulders.

"What're you doing?" Yusuke asked curiously.

"We're going back to my place." Kuwabara whispered huskily.

"Mine's closer, besides, my mom already left for her favorite bar." Yusuke whispered back before nipping at Kuwabara's ear.

"Let's go."

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