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Lovers To Be

Chapter 2

It hadn't taken long for the two aroused teens to make it to Yusuke's apartment. They entered in an unsettling silence that Kuwabara decided to break.

"Where to?" Knowing exactly what was on Kuwabara's mind Yusuke led the taller fighter to his room. Once there, Yusuke draped Kuwabara's jacket over a chair and sat down on the bed. The Redhead stayed at the other side of the room, unsure of what to do next.

"Come here." Yusuke whispered the command, his voice husky with want.

Amazingly Kuwabara obeyed, and was sitting beside Yusuke in a matter of seconds. "I'm here, now what?" Kuwabara asked.

Yusuke didn't reply, instead he leaned forward and kissed Kuwabara. It wasn't a timid peck on the cheek, but a full-fledged kiss.

Kuwabara stiffened, but finally managed to relax under Yusuke's firm and confident lips. Yusuke broke the kiss and whispered into Kuwabara's earů"I want you inside of me." Kuwabara gulped.

Yusuke seeing Kuwabara's nervousness decided to proceed slowly. First he peeled of his own shirt; he smirked when her heard Kuwabara gasp. He started to remove his pants, when Kuwabara's hands reached over to undo the button and assist in sliding them past Yusuke's hips. The next thing Yusuke knew his boots were across the room, along with his pants. Kuwabara just looked at Yusuke, his eyes taking in all the beauty they saw.

"Well this isn't fair." Yusuke growled as he tackled Kuwabara, swiftly removing the other fighter's clothes before he could react.

"Is it fair now?" Kuwabara asked blushing furiously. Yusuke helped Kuwabara up and led him to the bed. He lay down and pulled Kuwabara on top of him, lightly nibbling his neck.

Gathering up his courage Kuwabara reached down to slide the black boxers past Yusuke's seductive hips, and down his muscled legs, finally throwing them to the floor. Yusuke mimicked Kuwabara removing the taller fighter's boxers and throwing them onto the floor with the other clothing.

Yusuke ran his hands over Kuwabara's body, causing the other fighter to shiver, as seductive hands traced every muscle they could reach. Then Yusuke boldly took Kuwabara's erection in his hands and began to stroke him. Kuwabara gasped in pleasure, before kissing Yusuke, and reaching down to return the favor, matching him stroke for stroke.

Yusuke broke the kiss to leave a trail of butterfly kisses down Kuwabara's throat and chest, stopping briefly to lick an erect nipple. Kuwabara breathed in sharply at the new sensation this caused.

Mindlessly the red head reached for the drawer on the bedside table, opening it and briefly going through it until he found what he was looking for. "Vanilla scented Lubricant?" Kuwabara snickered.

Yusuke's face gained a faint red tint to it. "So I like vanilla." He pouted.

Kuwabara smiled and poured some lubricant into his hand, warming it before he began to ready his lover to be.

Yusuke arched toward Kuwabara, moaning at the pleasant intrusion of the other fighter's fingers. Swiftly, hoping to avoid any an all pain, Yusuke grabbed the discarded lube and warmed it in his own hands before applying it to the red head's pride. Said red head gasped and removed his probing fingers from the raven-haired beauty. The scent of vanilla surrounded them, caressing them.

"Now." Yusuke whispered as he guided the other boy toward his entrance. Kuwabara obeyed, keeping eye contact with the holder of his heart.

Gently he slid into the slick, yet tight space, letting Yusuke adjust to the new sensations.

"Move damn it!" Yusuke growled in his ear.

Kuwabara complied, smirking as he did so, causing the raven-haired youth under him to writhe and move with him in a slow rhythm. They started out slow as they had on the dance floor early that day, but as their lovemaking progressed, their movements became faster, more frantic.

Yusuke arched up to meet Kuwabara's every thrust, crying out each time the other boy managed to hit his 'sweet spot'. Kuwabara reached down between them and fondled Yusuke bringing him to the brink, but not quite to his release. Yusuke panting, his eyes glazed over in passion kissed Kuwabara, his tongue mimicking what the red head's cock was doing to him.

And then it happened. They broke the kiss as a tidal wave of mind-blowing sensations hit Yusuke head on. He came, spilling his essence onto their chest and his muscles clenching around Kuwabara who gave a few final thrusts before letting himself go.

"Urameshi!" It wasn't quite a shout, but it was no whisper either. Kuwabara spilt his seed into his love and collapsed beside Yusuke.

Yusuke snuggled closer, keeping Kuwabara inside of him, assisting the red head in covering their damp bodies with the sheet.

Kuwabara hugged Yusuke close, and kissed the smaller boy's forehead. "Love You." He whispered.

Yusuke smiled, looking into the eyes of his significant other. "You better love me!" He threatened mockingly.

"And why is that Urameshi?" Kuwabara said, taking on a defensive, yet playful tone.

"'Cause if you didn't I'd have no one to love." Yusuke winked before kissing Kuwabara. Kuwabara smiled and returned the kiss.

A/N: Yeah! I finished it! ^_^.

Vegeta: Stupid romance.

Quatre & Kurama pounce on Vegeta.

Kurama: It was a lovely romance story.

Quatre: They look sweet together.

Kurama: It was certainly better than your and Goku's fic.

Vegeta: *cringe* Which one.

LK: That's enough boys.

As for anyone who thinks I'm a very sick and disturbed female for writing a fic about this couple in the first place please say so. I'll take it as a compliment, for this is the least of the disturbing occurrences of what goes on in my mind! ^_^

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