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05-Jul-2003 09:44 PM

I wish I had something to show for such a long absense, but I haven't done much for here (doesn't help Streamload won't let me move files from my Inbox >( ). I wouldn't even be here yet if I wasn't going to be disappearing again. I'm off on a family camping trip tomorrow, so you won't hear from me until after 10 days or so (at least, I think that's how long the holiday is ::sweatdrop::). But I do have some stuff for you, even if it isn't as much as I would have liked.

Chobits 15 is up! Actually, it's been up for most of the week. :S But I don't have time to put up a new one before I leave, so you've got plenty of time to download it.

New Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction from LemonKitty Go check that out! :)

I was going to have more MP3s for you on Streamload (but like I said, it wouldn't let me move stuff). I've also got some new links to put up, and some fanart, but I just haven't 'got around to it yet'. Such great excuses, ne? :S I trust the site will survive without me (not that I'm around much these days anyway, it shouldn't make a difference). Thanks so much to those sending the files! This site really would have died without you! :D See you all when I get back! Sayonara, minna!

23-Jun-2003 09:14 PM

Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai! Been so long since I last updated here. Can't remember what I've been doing, but I'm sure it was very important. :P If you're really interested, there is always my blog to look through. I ramble there almost daily even when I don't technically have the time to. ;)

Chobits ep 14 uploaded! It was put up on the 17th. I just never have got around to updating here, mainly cos I've been expecting to have a lot more for you this week. :S

As to the freeloader files: Mouse eps 3 & 4 and GateKeepers 21 ep 1 are encoded! I was going to do ep 2 of GateKeepers 21 too, however, I open the CD box and it's empty. If the CD has been lost, I shall have to kill those responsible! >( Hopefully though, it's just been put in a random box or something (it better have), so I'm expecting to get it soon.

I downloaded the Streamload Cataloger that was available from the News page on the site. Speeds up organising files, that's for sure. So once I've figured out how to use it properly, I should think the Streamload lists might actually be updated more frequently! That's certainly something to look forward to, ne? :) I'll try and check in again soon! I'll try anyway. ;)

09-Jun-2003 07:36 PM

Mouse eps 1 & 2 have been encoded for freeloaders! For those that are too lazy to read the previous update I did this afternoon, here's a quick re-cap. GateKeepers 21 won the poll! But I let a friend borrow the CDs of them a while ago and haven't got them back. Now she's on holiday so I can't get them. So I'm encoding the runner-up: Mouse! When she comes home, I'll encode GateKeepers 21 at the same time as Mouse to make up for my... idiocy. ;)

More complications: I was checking if I have all the eps of Mouse at hand... and I don't. I'm missing ep 6. I must have dumped it on one of the CDs Saku has to fill up space. So I can't go any further than that until she comes back anyway. She probably has at least 20 of my CDs, so it's no surprise I'm missing stuff. Ok, I have about 300 or more, but still... ;)

That's it! I've got plenty of stuff to work on. All depends on what I finish first. You can always join the Mailing List if you don't want to keep checking the site yourself. ::points to the yellow Yahoo! thingy at the side:: Just a suggestion. :) See yah when I see yah!

09-Jun-2003 01:42 PM

Chobits 13 uploaded! Was uploaded yesterday, but I got carried away obsessing over Fruits Basket (or rather Shigure & Ayame) and made a new 'layout' for my blog instead of updating here. Eh heh. Gomen! ;)

And about the new freeloader series... slight problem there. Thanks to everyone that voted. The winner is GateKeepers 21! ... only I don't have it! :S I lent it to a friend of mine, and she's on holiday right now, so I can't get it until she comes back. So, instead I'll encode the runner-up: Mouse! I'll get working on that today. Hopefully be able to get that up for this evening. :) As soon as my friend comes home, I'll grab GateKeepers 21 off of her and encode it, so you'll have 2 series going at once. So you're sort of lucky. You just have to wait a bit. :P

That's it for now. Be back later, if everything works ok. :)

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