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General Anime Links

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    Updated: 06-Mar-2003

    Information|Japanese|Manga|MP3s|Sheet Music|Voice Actors

    Information *NEW*
    Easy to browse site with anime on just about every series. Provides info such as crew, cast & characters, as well as reviews.

    Anime Guides
    There is info on several series, as well as an anime encyclopedia, commonly used Japanese terms and a file archive.

    Anime Web Turnpike
    (Since the main site seems to be down, I've linked to the mirror site instead) "Your #1 Guide to the Anime and Manga Internet World!" I don't think this site has an area of Anime or Manga that isn't covered.
    Has lots of information on the most common animes.


    How to Write 'Hira-gana'
    By clicking on any of the hiragana letters, you can see a movie showing how to write it. Simple and useful.

    Irasshai - Welcome to Japanese!
    Although this is for a japanese course using various methods of telecommunication, it can also be handy for casual learners, as it has online games so help with learning, and plenty of links to helpful sites.

    Japanese <-> English Dictionary
    If you have a word you want translated, then this is the best place I know of to go to.

    Kids Web Japan
    Has plenty of features, including a language lab. Although it may be intended for young children, it can just as easily be interesting for older beginners, or experts looking for an easy read.

    The Japanese
    There is quite a variety of resourses here. There is online info and there are things you can buy to help you learn the language.


    Desperate Love *updated*
    WARNING: Contains yaoi (male x male) material! Plenty of mangas to choose from. They are re-doing old chapters, but the old ones are up again, so you can still download them.

    Contains the DNA manga.

    Gundam Wing Manga
    Has various Gundam Wing manga available to read online. Also available on the site are yaoi doujinshi, fanart, fanfics, ets. Note: This site is made by a Relena-hater, so those pages in the manga that have Heero and Relena as a couple have been censored. To obtain these pages, you can email the person.

    Contains the scanlations of Chrno Crusade, Azumanga Daioh, Marie & Elie's Atelier ~ Zalberg's Chemist, Dragon Quest ~ The Tale of the Sky, as well as a few other things. *NEW*
    Downloads of scanlations such as Fruits Basket, Gals!, I"s and Mononoke Hime and plenty more. Downloads are replaced as more gets released.

    Project Omanga *NEW*
    Scanlating such things as Angel Sanctuary, Kenshin and Samurai Deeper Kyo, as well as plenty others. *NEW*
    WARNING: Contains yaoi (male x male) material! Scanlations include Yami no Matsuei and Macross 7, and there are plenty others to check out!

    The Nameless Manga Translation Site
    Contains the scanlations of Houshin Engi, some Slayers, Et Cetera, Weiss Kreuz, Lost Universe and Akazukin Chacha.

    Toriyama's World
    Has several manga series available, as well as subtitling the Naruto anime. Also has a fanwork section and an oekaki.

    MP3s *NEW*
    Random MP3s from various series/artists.
    Loads of albums to download from various servers.

    Anime World *NEW*
    OSTs from Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion and Serial Experiments Lain among others. It's a russian site, so it's difficult to navigate when you don't understand it, but there are other pages for manga & music videos.
    Chinese site so for those who can't read it, it's kinda difficult to navigate, but there are various MP3s available from there.

    A few MP3s from various artists.

    Tamara's Anime
    Loads of MP3s with plenty of series to choose from. Site also has winamp skins, wallpapers and images.

    Sheet Music

    Anime Scores
    Plenty of anime sheet music to look through.

    Ichigo's Sheet Music
    Loads of sheet music for anime tunes as well as game music and compositions by various ppl.

    Voice Actors

    Seiyuu (voice actor) Database
    The first place I look when trying to find the seiyuu of animes, and I've rarely needed to look further. Need I say any more? ;)

    Voice Chasers
    This is the best place I've found to look up the English voice actors in anime (there are also sections for animated movies, television series and video games that aren't from Japan)