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    Updated: 14-Aug-2002

    Art & Fiction|Webcomics|Website Tools

    Art & Fiction

    Danime *NEW*
    A great site for anime-style art. It's also the home of some great (and hilarious) characters (I would recommend you visit the site for that reason alone ;) ). There are a lot of anime mp3s available too, but since the site was originally intended to be just an art site, I thought it best to be placed in this catagory.

    "The world's biggest site for fantasy/sci-fi art and fiction." There is also a section for fanart. I've found some incredible pieces of work in this site!
    An extremely large selection of fanfiction series to choose from (including anime). IMO, the best Fanfiction archive on the net. There is also an Original section.

    Meadowhaven *NEW*
    Contains a several stories, most notably 'The Wars of Avenan' which has spanned over 5 books. Also has art of characters and scenes from the stories, as well as from other sources. Guest stories and art also available.

    Studio Kokuban *NEW*
    Has original manga and art by various artists.


    Elf Life
    A very long and complicated story, but still good quality.

    Mac Hall
    Hilarious characters. A great read.

    Really addictive storyline and highly recommended!

    There are a few webcomics here. All fantasy, I believe.

    Real Life
    It tends not to always be like real life, but it's worth checking out.

    RPG World
    RPG jokes mixed in to a typical fantasy storyline. A 'must-read' comic.

    Website Tools

    The host for this website. It provides free webspace (20MB) with either a banner or a popup.

    Provides comprehensive information about the visitors to a site.

    The Ultimate Counter *NEW*
    Provides over 500 different styles of counters!