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27-May-2003 08:57 PM

Ok, a little later than planned, but it's all Streamload's fault! Actually, it's probably at least partially my fault for using up so much bandwidth with Direct Connect and BitTorrent. :S But I got there in the end, and that's the point! :)

So in other words: Streamloader list has been updated! There were several episodes and stuff left in my old inbox, so thought it was about time I moved 'em over. So here you go! Streamload was being evilly slow all the time I was doing this, so I had to put up with playing loads of games of solitaire and minesweeper while I waited. You'd better appreciate it! :P

I think I'll try and do some more Jubei-chan for the next update. I'm probably getting more into the series than anyone else, but I can't help it. I adore the series! :D Anyway I'll add a poll soon so you can decide which you'd like me to get started on next. I might even decide to do two series at once. After all, it's the summer holidays, so I should have enough time. :)

24-May-2003 10:28 PM

Not exactly feeling at my best, but I'll try not miss anything...

Next episode of Chobits is available! Remembered just at the last moment. Any later, and I wouldn't have had time to encode & upload it. Lucky you! ;)

Edited the Direct Connect section of the Alternative Downloading Methods page. There's nothing I could think of to change anywhere else there. Plenty more hubs now! Got a page all to themselves. And I included the min shares and slots. Ain't I so helpful!?

I was starting work on adding stuff to Streamload lists, but with Chobits uploading at the same time, I couldn't get anything done. It kept dying on me. :S Hopefully it works better tomorrow... although I have a friend coming round (I think), so I don't know how much time I'll have to do work. You may need to wait 'til Monday. Not all that hard now, is it?! :P

23-May-2003 09:10 PM

Exam is over, and I'm back here! I did pretty well for both papers (I think), so the work was definitely worth it! Now it's out of the way, I can back to net life. :) Ok, what I've done so far:

Most noteably, I think, is I've changed the Forum. Made it so the requests for different things are split up. I think that should make sending everything much easier. I don't think there should be any need to worry about mixups anymore. Where requests and everything are be posted should be pretty self-explanatory once you visit it.

I've added an extra section for those visitors that have loads of stuff to share, but no way to do it. Just post your list, and you can send stuff to those that reply! Now no excuse to be stingy with your stuff! Share! :P

Jubei-chan eps 7 & 8 are encoded for freeloaders! Episode 8 isn't as good quality as I would have liked, but that's because of the original file. The sound was terrible, and the subbers didn't translate every line. :S Still, nothing important is missed out, and you can just turn up the volume (just turn it down afterwards or you'll get a loud fright! I learned that the hard way! ;) ).

Also for freeloaders, I've made a tutorial for putting avi parts into just 1 video. Certainly these will work for my own encodes, aka Jubei-chan. To see the tutorial, go to either the 'Encodes' or 'Freeloader List' page. There is a link just before the lists of episodes. :)

The Anime Download Links page has also been updated. But I've decided to give up putting my own short descriptions for each one. Takes too long to go through everything. So I'll just add new links when I get them, and it's up to you to tell me when a link is dead (there's an extra section in the Forum for that too, or you can just email me instead). Of course, if someone else wants to do the work for me, scouring each site to compile a short discription of what's available, then let me know. But I don't have the time (or the will) to do that every time I update! :P

Alright, that's everything for today. Tomorrow, I'll try and get to work on updating the DC hubs list (got some new ones, and I think some of the hubs that I've listed have died :S ) and start work on adding more Streamload files. Hmmm... might even move on to MP3s & mangas, just to be different. :) I'll be back tomorrow (or at least, I should be, unless I've been swallowed by the carpet beasts that are breeding behind my furniture ... See, this is what happens when I work all day! :P ) Ja ne!

17-May-2003 05:52 PM

Ep 10 of Chobits uploaded successfully! Go get it! :P

Exam is less than a week away. Hopefully I'll have more time to spend on the net to actually do work after that. I'll just need to wait and see what life's gonna give me next. I'll be back after the horror is over none the less! See you then! :)

10-May-2003 03:21 PM

Gomen! Not been around much lately on the net. Spending quite a bit of time working on maths. Any free time I have, I don't exactly want to do more work. Need to relax sometime.

Chobits episode 9 is uploaded! Later than planned, but that's cos the uploading was being evil.

The maths exam is in a week & 1/2, so I'll likely not be updating much at all. But after that's out of the way, I should be back with plenty of time during summer! :)

01-May-2003 09:24 PM

Changed the address for the media site. Hopefully there won't be a problem now. For those that didn't even notice, forget I mentioned that since it doesn't make any difference unless you bookmarked it.

Well my brain isn't cooperating so I'm off. See you...

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