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28-Nov-2002 04:40 PM

Need your help! As (where I was uploading the episode downloads to) seems to have died, I am moving where I host the episodes. However, the site relies on clicks to provide space! To make sure I get the space, please click the link below (and then click the link on the page it opens). After all, direct download is the best way to get anime! :)

I've reached 'J' in my uploading of episodes to Streamload. It's taking forever! :( But I'll get there, somehow!

The next thing you'll see here will be more fics. Look out for those! :)

26-Nov-2002 05:41 PM

Several new fics for you today! 1 Gundam Wing, 2 Dragonball Z, and 3 new chapters to the You're Under Arrest fic, "Heart of Bokuto". Plenty for you to read, so go! :)

I know I haven't been sending requests all that frequently. Sorry 'bout that! I tried to catch up today, but Streamload is still being mean. "Freeloader Streambeaming is possible between 9 PM and 9 AM PDT (i.e. all night), and should be back in full force Tuesday, November 26. Sorry for the inconvience" With any luck, it might be fixed by tomorrow (if they don't change the date again)

I'm working hard trying to re-upload files that have been deleted by Streamload for no reason. At the same time, I'm uploading all the new files I've got recently. It's taking me a long time (I've only reached 'H' so far, and that's just for the episodes :S ), but somewhere in the future, I will be updating the Streamload lists. :D

17-Nov-2002 02:37 PM

Oh My Goddess OVA episode 02 up for download. Angel Sanctuary chapter 01 is also available in the manga section (I little later than I intended, but it's there :) ).

Streamload is letting me streambeam, as long as I get there before 4pm (GMT), so I'm sending requests again :) It'll be going back to normal eventually (thankfully).

I've removed the thing that is supposed to tell me where you visitors are coming from since it doesn't seem to be working too well after starting making 'no URL cloaking' for paying users. I've also tried to update the normal counter. However I've lost the original password I used, so I had to make a completely new counter. It's now set on random for the design (picking a specific one wouldn't work :S ). Hope you still like it anyway ;)

Oh yeah, and so much for updating the links pages. Oh well! The downloads should keep you occupied for a while anyway. Since Streamload is getting back to normal, I'm going to need to start uploading all the new stuff I've downloaded. That's going to take ages. But I'll try and do it at some point (don't be expecting that soon though ;) ) It's fics you should be looking out for instead! :)

11-Nov-2002 08:18 PM

New You're Under Arrest fic available! The rest of Oh My Goddess episode 01 was finally re-uploaded! The MP3s have been moved to a more reliable place too! Go read and download! :)

Streamload is still preventing Freeloaders from streambeaming, so none of the requests can be sent. Gomen! Hopefully what I've updated today will make up for that a little.

Oh, and you may notice I changed the shedule for the episodes. I'm going to now have episodes up for 2 weeks (gives you more time to download, and leaves me with more time to do other things ;) )

I'll be putting a manga up for download with the next update (I know I said I'd put it up sooner than this, gomen!) I should finally get around to updating the links pages as well. I might also have more fics for you too so check back soon!

08-Nov-2002 07:52 PM

Hope you like the slight change! :) With this new design I should be able to update the navigation at the side without updating every page. Yay! I adore shortcuts! Saves me a lot of time :)

I was hoping to get the 1st episode back up in a different place, but I was half way through uploading it, and the site seemed to die. I've got the links to the files that I uploaded successfully and with any luck, you'll be able to get those at least. I think I'll have to change the schedule since episode 1 hasn't been up that long.

As to the MP3s, I can't re-upload them on the site. It's saying the disc quota is exceeded. I don't really know what that means, but I'm guessing the place has run out of space to store things on (not surprising really, considering there aren't many restrictions). If it doesn't work soon, I'll be moving the MP3s elsewhere too (as long as I can find a working place...)

Oh nearly forgot to put this in: Streamload is suspending streambeaming by freeloaders! Therefore, I can't send any requests right now. I'm considering paying for a better account, but I really want to save as much money as I can for Uni. You can continue requesting if you like, but unless Streamload suddenly decides to start the streambeaming for freeloaders again, I won't be sending anything until I get a payed-for account. Gomen!

I think that's enough for 1 update ;) The next one should be quite soon (as long as nothing else crops up, or I get another idea for something to change here). I'll have a new fic for you then, so make sure you keep checking back for that! :)

03-Nov-2002 11:04 PM

I know I'm going against what I said last time I updated, but I think that's a good thing. I haven't touched the streamload lists, but, if you haven't already noticed, I've added to the download section. :) Yup, I found another place to upload files to. Several in fact. So I can start sharing more stuff again.

Current episode to download is Oh My Goddess OVA ep 01. I know I've put this up before, but since it was quite a while ago, I thought those who have found my site recently might not have it. Sorry to those that have already downloaded it from here. I've also got a few MP3s available, and I've added a poll to the Manga download section to see which you want me to start uploading.

I have also updated the Anime Download Links page. There are loads of new sites for you to visit and they should keep you going for a while. Since I haven't updated much, I thought I'd better have something to show for you, so here you go! :)

Oh, I also have a blog now, called Ideas from the Inside. Updates are more frequent there and I write about what sorts of things I've been doing, including webpage stuff. Warning: I ramble a lot (if you hadn't already noticed ;) )

In the next update, you should see a new fanfic, and I really think I should finally update those other links pages. Look forward to it, ne?

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