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Insane comedy/action anime featuring samurais and present day school kids. The plot is basically this: Yagyu Jubei, the great swordsman, after a battle to finally crush the evil Shinkage Ryujoji clan who plan to rule the world by the sword, leaves his servant, Odago Koinosuke, a dying wish to find his successor.

So Koinosuke searches for 300 years for the person who fits the description he was given. Finally he comes across Nanohana Jiyu, a young girl who just moved from Tokyo, and he instantly knows this was who he has been searching for. Desperate to fulfil his master's wish, he tries to give Jiyu the Lovely Eyepatch that contains all of Jubei's powers. But why would Jiyu want to wear an pink eyepatch the shape of a heart.

But all is not the simple. For the evil Ryujoji clan has resurfaced and is out for revenge against Jubei. Will Jiyu accept that she is Yagyu Jubei the Second? Could anyone else prevent the Ryujoji clan from ruling the world?

My opinion:
One of the best anime series I've ever seen. No other anime I've seen has been able to pull of mixing such humour and dramatic action so well. With a mix of fantasticly memorable (but somewhat hopeless) characters, and an intriguing plot hidden by the jokes that no other anime dares to pull, it makes for one quite unique anime. It even makes a mockery of the animation styles, to great effect.

But to be perfectly honest, I don't think anything can prepare you for this anime. It's just something you have to watch yourself. And, trust me, it's worth watching!


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