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How to Request

If you are going to request anime that I do not have then go to the 'Request from Others' section in the Forum!



1. You need a Streamload account
If you don't already have one, go to Create a new account by following the instructions on the site.

Basically you can get a 'Freeloader' account which is completely free and lets you download up to 50MB per week or 10 files (whichever comes first). You can only download files that are less than 10MB in size. You can pay to become a 'Streamloader' and the limits you have are much better, but you don't have to.

2. Go to the Forum and in 'The Anime Shelter Streamload Lists' section, click the appropriate link for what you're going to request.

3. Create a New Topic

4. In the field that says 'Subject', type what you want to request
Use this format:

account name/series/episodes or MP3(s) or manga(s)
For example: xilmin/di gi charat/ep 4-12

5. Post your request

6. Wait

7. Check your Inbox on Streamload to see if the anime has arrived.


Follow the rules below or you get nothing! Sorry!

1. One request per post
If you don't do that, then only the first request in the post will be sent.

2. Up to 3 different requests.
Any more than that will be ignored.

3. Do not repeat requests.
If your post has showed up in the forum, then it will be sent when I see it. If you do not see your request, remember to refresh your browser before you post again.

4. If what you want is not clearly stated, then it will not be sent
I will not try and guess what exactly you want.

I will try and check the forum every day, and I'll give warnings for any absences I may need to take on the home page. There are a few others who are helping me send files, so I won't neccesarily be the one to send them.