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Tutorial - Making 1 file out of many!

Fed up of having many files for just 1 episode? Annoyed at having your anime viewing disrupted? Want to just start the video and relax? Well I have a method that will solve your problems! ... why am I immitating those crappy commercials? ::sweatdrop::

But seriously, this method should work. For my encodes at least. The files need to be 'avi' for this to work. I loathe RealPlayer files more and more ever since RealOne was created.

The program you need for this tutorial is VirtualDub. Get it here: I personally don't have the most recent release of it (I use version 1.4.10 just cos that's the only one I could get at the time). If the most recent release doesn't download for you (like it did with me), go to the bottom of the page and get one of the past versions. They should work just as well.

Now on with the method!

Load up VirtualDub. From the File menu, select 'open video file...' and open the first part of the episode.

From the File menu again, select 'Append AVI segment...' and choose the second part of the episode.

Repeat this as many times as needed for the different parts.

Check in the Video and Audio menus that 'Direct Stream Copy' is selected. If not, change it to that.

And finally from the File menu once more, select 'Save as AVI...'.

The saving may take a little while, but after it completes, you will be able to watch the entire episode without changing files several times in the middle. Enjoy!