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28-Dec-2002 09:00 PM

I'm leaving for a week holiday tomorrow! Sorry for not giving any warning for this, but I never knew when I was leaving 'til yesterday ;) Phil and Animelover, I hope you don't mind handling the requests yourself. Otherwise, I'll go through them when I get back.

Another note: is down yet again, so I can't put the Oh My Goddess OVA episode up before I leave. Gomen nasai! It should be back up by the time again I return (otherwise I have a problem) so I'll get it up as soon as I can.

Hmmm, a whole week without the internet. I wonder if I can survive... ;)

25-Dec-2002 08:57 PM

Here's my Christmas present to you all: Angel Sanctuary manga Chapter 2 is available! :)

Nothing else to say. I'm very busy and it's later than I thought.

18-Dec-2002 07:16 PM

Oh My Goddess OVA episode 04 available! Only a day later than intended too! ;) It would have been up yesterday but wouldn't work properly at the last minute :S But it's seemingly working fine now. You may go download! :D

Speaking of downloads, the new host that I was trying to get really doesn't want me to log in at all. Other ppl have mentioned the site being a scam and a complete waste of time. The link is still available, but I'm not confident in getting any space from there. will have to do for now.

I've been trying to upload more files on to Streamload, but recently they haven't been working via the Streamload Uploader program. I'm trying to do it with the browser now. Seems to be working ok (although slower than I would have liked)... Hopefully I'll be able to replace the rest of the missing files from my account soon.

I did start making my new site that I mentioned last time. I just haven't got very far with it (if you want reasons, look in my blog. I ramble on what work I've done each day there [among other things ;) ]). Still, with me doing that there isn't the new manga chapter that I said I might put up. But you never know, I might find the time to put it up soon, so keep checking back! :)

13-Dec-2002 12:38 PM

Don't need to worry about losing the Streamload section, cos I'm now a Streamloader. Now I can get all those files I have but couldn't download before. :D

Talking of Streamload, got some more Freeloader files for you! :) There are a couple of non-freeloader ones too, but those are just to fill in gaps in the series.

I think I'll finally change the manga chapter available for download next. But I've got the idea to start a new site for my own stories and art (which I've been meaning to do for a while), so I'll see how much time it takes me to get that started.

12-Dec-2002 01:06 PM

CRUD! ::echos across the site:: Streamload is changing! Just when I thought the streambeaming was getting back to normal, it goes and makes it difficult again! Now Freeloader accounts will only last a month. This means that either I get a paying account (which means persuading my parents :S ) or the Streamload section goes bye-bye. :( I've got about 70 gigs of stuff on Streamload, so I will not give up easily. I'll keep bugging my parents... maybe I could ask for it as a sort of Christmas present... I'll see what happens...

On a slightly happier note, there are new MP3s to download. Took me long enough to change these, ne?

I'll get on to sort the freeloader files next. Depending on how long it takes me and if anything distracts me from them, I might have them up later today or tomorrow.

11-Dec-2002 07:39 PM

Just making sure I don't get sued or anything with the disclaimer on the index page. :) Like the pic in the bottom? I drew it myself! ::extremely proud grin:: It's not supposed to be anyone in particular except my own characters that run about inside my mind. ;)

I've also added a credit page for the freeloader files since it was brought to my attention that it wasn't clear they weren't my own encodes. The link for that page is at the top of the streamload episode lists.

I'd just like to thank the ppl who are helping me with requests (again ;) ) ::bows:: Arigatou! :D

Next update with be new freeloader files or those new MP3s I promised last time. ;)

08-Dec-2002 08:16 PM

Wow! 2 updates in one day! And even more amazingly Streamloader list has been updated! I haven't done anything with the freeloader files yet. I'll get on to those tomorrow. All missing files before 'M' have been re-uploaded. You'll need to wait patiently for the next half episode list.

As for the new host, I'm seriously considering whether I can use it. There is no obvious way to find out how to connect, or anyway to recover passwords (or even the account name for that matter). Since is working for now, I guess it isn't too important, but I'll keep trying.

For the next update, I think I'll finally update the MP3 download page. :)

08-Dec-2002 02:15 PM

Oh My Goddess OVA episode 03 is available! It's later than I planned, so I've moved the date for the next episode a few days to give you a bit more time to download it. I've put up the poll I had available a while ago to decide which series you want next, so those who haven't already done so, go vote!

I've got enough clicks for the new host. Now the problem comes to finding out how to upload to it, since I can't seem to log in. I'll keep trying though.

I've finally reached about half-way in the uploading to Streamload, so I'm just about to start organising the files. Look out for an updated Streamload episode list soon! :)

06-Dec-2002 08:15 PM

::bashes head of desk:: (my episode download host) is down again, so I can't put up the next episode like I said I would. The other host I'm hoping to use needs about another 15 clicks, so help me out then you can get the episode!

05-Dec-2002 07:45 PM

::cheers:: 3 new fics up! 1 DBZ, 1 Outlaw Star and 1 Yu Yu Hakusho. Been meaning to get those up for a while! ;)

Make sure you click the following link so I can provide more to download! Just need 34 more clicks and I can get a 'shell' account! :)

Still at 'K' for the uploads. I'm putting up Kodomo no Omocha eps and they are taking some time (and it doesn't help when they get errors and start again :S ).

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully get the next Oh My Goddess OVA ep up, so make sure you check back for that!

03-Dec-2002 08:40 PM

::mutters abuse at websites, the net and computers in general:: The new host for the episodes, for a while no longer accepted clicks for the link, although it seems to be back up now. Make sure to click so I can get space to upload to!

Some good news: is back up, which means the episode is available again. I'll leave it up for a couple more days so that those who didn't get it before went down can still get it. I wish I knew why that site stopped working, but I guess it's ok now that it's come back.

I've only got to 'K' as far as the uploads go to Streamload. When I reach 'M', I promise I'll organise everything and update the episode lists! It's just taking too long to wait until I've finished completely.

I know I promised fics, but I've been swaying between being busy and being dead this last few days, so they're not ready to go up yet. Sorry 'bout that! Depending on what happens in the next few days, the next update will either be with fics or the next episode (maybe even both if you're lucky! ;) )

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