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06-Jun-2003 08:29 PM

Last episodes of Jubei-chan have been encoded for freeloaders! The final one even manages to make me cry! ::sweatdrop:: But I won't say anything more incase I spoil it. :)

With that series finished, what I do next relies on what wins the poll. So get voting!

Also MP3 list has been updated! Originally I wasn't going to update this now. I was going to wait until I'd added some more. But I finished reorganising the format for the pages, so I thought: why not? :) I've used another frame at the top for the 'alphabet' bit. Hope that doesn't mess up how it looks on your computer.

I'm planning on doing the same thing with the other lists, just cos it saves updating every page when I change something there. I'm also changing the format of how I list the MP3s a little. Now you'll be able to see the the tracks grouped into which CDs they came from. :)

Since updating the lists and working with Streamload always takes me ages, I expect the next update will be the Chobits episode on Sunday. I might have finished some more stuff by then. You'll just need to wait and see for that. :)

02-Jun-2003 03:33 PM

I'm later than anticipated again, but this time it is purely my fault. When I get the offer to go to see the Matrix, you think I'm going to stay behind and work here instead? :P I won't bore you with the rest of the stuff I've been doing (I've got my blog for that ;) ). The point is I'm here again! :)

I uploaded Chobits ep 12! Actually put it up yesterday early afternoon, but again with the being distracted. ;) Ok, it was supposed to be uploaded 2 days ago... eh heh. Gomen!

And something else: Jubei-chan eps 9 & 10 for freeloaders ready to be requested! Started making a schedule for the freeloader stuff too. Might actually encode stuff in evenly spaced dates, rather than a huge batch, and then abandoning it for several months. ;) Next lot is going to be 3 episodes in one since it's the last 3, and I thought it might be kinda cruel just to leave the last bit hanging for another half-week or something. ;)

So, since Jubei-chan is nearly finished, it's time for you to vote for what you want me to encode next. If you know that someone else is already encoding one of these series, let me know, and I'll remove that one. :) I personally recommend Figure 17, but that's my own preference.

Alright, that's it for now. Might actually make another update some time soon. With all the MP3s I've been uploading to Streamload, there's plenty for me to work on. I believe there's nearly a thousand tracks. Lots to look forward to! :)

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