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31-Jan-2003 05:38 PM

I've encoded Jubei-chan episode 01 for freeloaders! I only mentioned making encodes yesterday, but after messing around with some programs to do it, I ended up with the files ready to go, so here they are! 1 episode split into 5 avi files all freeloader friendly. :D And since they are avi, I know how you can put them back into one file. I'll be adding a tutorial for that at some point in the future.

This wasn't what I said I'd update, I know. But I'm going to be visiting a friend's this evening, and I never did do any work on the streamload lists yesterday, so there's no point in starting that now. I don't know when I will get around to that (got an exam coming up :S ), but tomorrow I should be getting the next part of the Oh My Goddess movie up, as well as the next chapter of Angel Sanctuary manga as long as there are no problems, so make sure you don't miss that! :)

30-Jan-2003 05:29 PM

Ok, I updated the Anime Download Links page at the request of a couple of ppl. I wasn't overly thorough, so if I missed anything, I appologize.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, what with being in a weird mood. ;) I'm thinking of doing my encodes for freeloaders. Well, more than thinking. Pretty much decided to. There's just the whole 'getting around to it' to deal with. ;) But it hopefully will be coming soon. I've decided on encoding Jubei-chan. It's one of my fav series. As far as I know, no one else has encoded it, and I actually have all the eps in decent quality avi files to work with. ;) I'll let you know how I get on with it when I start...

As long as nothing distracts me, I'll start organising the Streamload lists later tonight, and should have something done for an update tomorrow.

29-Jan-2003 09:03 PM

I can't say I was all that productive when it came to updating the Other Links page. It ended up me using it as an excuse for wasting time and catching up on the webcomics I have linked there. ::sweatdrops:: But I got it done, and fixed a couple of links that weren't right (and either no one noticed, or no one cared! :S )

But more interestingly (that a word?) MP3s were updated! Check the download mini-site to get 'em.

As to what I update next... ::thinks:: Those Streamload lists are getting a little old, and ppl have sent me so much stuff that I could share with everyone. Of course, sorting all that is always difficult for me, so don't expect it too soon, or too much. But there should be something before Febuary when I need to update the mini-site again.

Just make sure you check back frequently since you don't know when I'll update, cos neither do I! ;) Anyway, it's later than I thought it was, and I'm still reading the Real Life comic, and I've got my blog to update. I haven't even watched any anime today... and only had a couple of games of NetHack... and ::wanders of rambling to herself::

28-Jan-2003 03:53 PM

Sorry for not updating the past couple of days, but there was a problem with my internet connection and I had to wait for the router to be replaced. Thankfully my dad's business is here too and we were considered urgent, or who knows how long I'd have had to wait. And I just have to say, life without the net is so dull! :S

Anyway, I've got Oh My Goddess - Movie part 2 uploaded so go to the download mini-site for that! :)

Depending on how much I need to catch up on the previous few days, I'll either have the Other Links page updated today or tomorrow, or you'll just get new MP3s tomorrow. Either way, you'll get an update! :)

25-Jan-2003 09:44 PM

It took me 5 months to get around to it but the General Anime Links page is now updated! It now has more manga sites and japanese learning sites, and I've added MP3 and sheet music sites. Not a bad days work, I think! :)

The next update will either be me getting around to the Other Links page, or it will be for the next part of the Oh My Goddess Movie. So check back again soon!

24-Jan-2003 01:51 PM

Angel Sanctuary v01 ch03 is uploaded! Check the download mini-site on how to get it. I've also added dates for when more MP3s and the next chapter of the manga will be uploaded, so it's not come unknown time in the future any more. :) And if you want any MP3s in particularly, I'm accepting requests now! :D

I plan on finally updating the links pages that have been abandoned for so long next. Hopefully I can get that completed soon...

23-Jan-2003 05:27 PM

Oh My Goddess - Movie part 1 is available in the download mini-site, so check it out! :) It's up later than I said it would be because there was a slight problem when I was uploading it yesterday, but it's all sorted now.

Ok, the next update should be the next chapter of the manga, as long as there aren't any problems, so make sure you look out for that!

20-Jan-2003 08:27 PM

The Download Mini-site is updated with links and info for the episode, MP3s and manga. I had to alter the file format for the episode files because apparently this is a media hosting site that doesn't allow rm, avi, rar or zip files. Make sure you change the files back to rm before you try and watch them! :)

As long as there are no problems, I'll try and update the links pages or add the next chapter of the manga soon (both of which have been needing to be updated for quite a while!)

20-Jan-2003 06:08 PM

I've made a bit of change since I have found an anime hosting site that allows media files to be uploaded with no obvious bandwidth limits. Because of complications with the design of this site, I couldn't move the entire site to that host (frames and embedded banners do not mix!) so I've made a 'mini-site' for the media (with a somewhat simplier design). So far, I've just got the actual index page up. I'll add the info to get the MP3s and mangas I had before, and upload the Oh My Goddess episode up there. Hopefully this site is reliable enough to cope.

I'll update again once the mini-site is updated with everything, I'll update again here! :D

18-Jan-2003 05:55 PM

Took me a little while to get around to it, but new MP3s available! :)

Even although all features are supposed to be resumed on Streamload, I still can't get the Streamload Uploader to work. I tried doing with the web browser. It got half way, taking several hours, then timed out, so I won't be trying uploading that way. But people have sent me loads of files, so I'll try and start adding them some time soon. It'll take a while though, so have patience with me! :)

10-Jan-2003 03:37 PM

I'm surprising myself by doing lots of webpage stuff recently. Got 3 new fics up today: 1 Dragonball Z, 1 Beyblade and 1 Ronin Warriors, all by Lemonkitty. :) Aren't there more ppl visiting here that have fics they could submit? Please do! I want a large variety of stuff to offer from here! :) Not to mention I really need fanart and reviews. ;)

Only 2 more days 'til Streamload v.2 is up. I really hope it can sort my hosting problems, cos the episode is still down, and I don't have anywhere else to try. :(

But the MP3s are still available so I'll put up new ones soon. :)

09-Jan-2003 09:39 PM

I've really surprised myself. I didn't think I could do this all in one day, but I've updated the Anime Download Links page finally! All dead links are gone and got some new ones up for you to check out.

Unfortunately is dead again! ::sigh:: Really need to find somewhere else to put episodes, but when I need somewhere for free, I come across a problem. Still, I remember Streamload mentioned they would be adding File Hosting with version 2 so maybe that could be the answer to this...

Now the question is do I put up fics or MP3s next. I'll see what happens. :)

08-Jan-2003 03:22 PM

Oh My Goddess OVA ep05 is available! I wonder how long will stay up this time. Still an unstable host is better than no host at all, right? But if anyone knows of a site that I could maybe use to host episodes on, then please contact me! :)

I've also added a new page: 'Alternative Downloading Methods'. It gives you sites and programs that can be used to download anime. Hope you like the new addition! :)

The Streamload stuff is kind of on hold as I wait for Streamload's version 2 to come up. I don't want to overload them with too much stuff. ;) But I've now got more fics to add and I need to finally update the links pages. Plus, it would be nice to get new MP3s up for download. Which ever happens to be done first will be the next update! ;)

05-Jan-2003 08:49 PM

Hello, everyone! I'm back! :) Had a nice break, but now I need to try and get back into the net world again. And what a lovely thing to come back to. 10000 hits! Thank you everyone for visiting! :D

I'll update again as I catch up on what's been going on since I left!

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