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31-Mar-2003 02:03 PM

Just a quick update to say Chobits 5 has been uploaded! Now go get it! :)

I'll get to work on sorting through the missing files in my Streamload account now. I'll update with new files as soon as I can, depending on how bad it is. You'll just need to check in frequently to find out when the next update is. Or you could join the Yahoo! Group to get a message whenever the site is updated ::nudge nudge::. :)

30-Mar-2003 08:43 PM

We-hey! Episode 3 & 4 of Jubei-chan has been encoded for freeloaders! Finally! Been ages since I've done any of this. I'm going to try and work on getting more Streamload updates these days, since I've just discovered that the Uploader program has suddenly started working again for me (most of the time, it works anyway). I'm going to go through all the folders and find out which files are missing, and try and replace them. Evil Streamload, making things difficult! Anyway, I will try and get the next episodes of Jubei-chan up some time soon, certainly within the next couple of weeks. :)

Now, 1 other thing, was the site down earlier today, or was that my compy being awkward? Cos I don't want to keep my site on Tripod if they are going to be having outages! >( If you had problems, let me know. I had a possible site host ready to upload to last time there was a problem, so I can move if needed. Take that Tripod! :P

Come on ppl, join the Yahoo! Group! Please? There's only the 5 of us in there just now. ::pout:: So quiet. :'(

Ok, I'll update tomorrow with a new episode of Chobits, if the uploading goes well. Maybe this time it might even go up in 1 go... although I doubt it. :S

25-Mar-2003 08:18 PM

New Yahoo! Group created! Enter your email address in on the side thing, and you can join. Don't make me talk to myself! :D

Sorry I haven't put the new freeloader Jubei-chan episodes up, but Streamload is going through maintenance yet again, and I can't upload them! >(

Next update will most likely be when Streamload is fully functioning again, with the new Jubei-chan episodes. But I hope to see you in the Yahoo! Group before then! :)

24-Mar-2003 07:19 PM

Uploaded Chobits episode 4! Took me forever, but I finally got it up. My stubborness payed off! ;)

I've split a couple of episodes of Jubei-chan. Now comes the problem of uploading them to Streamload. If all goes well, I'll probably update with that, and maybe the new Yahoo! Group, tomorrow. Look out for it! :)

21-Mar-2003 08:01 PM

YATTA! Got new Streamload files up for you! :) Not as many as I originally planned, but considering how long it took me to do this much, I don't think I could bare waiting on Streamload to do as much as I'd wanted! Go check the Streamloader List to see what's new! Been a bit of layout change there too, since otherwise the page would take an eternity to load! ;)

There are plenty more files to be added, don't worry, but I'm going to work on something else for a bit, just to give me a break. :) I'll get to work on the Yahoo! Group as soon as I can (Thanks to those who voted! Hopefully it'll help to create a little community for the site :) ). I'll also try and find time to make some more Freeloader files. Been a while since I encoded episodes of Jubei-chan. I'll try making more than one ep of it this time, and I might start sharing something else as well. All depends on how long this newly found school work takes me, and how much of a life I have for the weekend.

But whether I update before Monday or not, I'll be have more Chobits for you to download! So be sure to check back soon! :D

17-Mar-2003 08:58 PM

Alright, Chobits ep03 is up! This is great! I'm getting these episodes uploaded on time. Wow! :D

I'll be doing as much work as I can on the Streamload lists (how much I actually will do considering how awkward Streamload is of late, I have no idea), so I doubt there will be any updates for anything else in the meantime.

Hmm... not many votes for the Yahoo! Group. Does that mean that barely anyone really wants one and won't sign up, so I'll be left talking to myself like usual? Although unless the 'no' votes actually out-number the 'yes' votes, I'll probably make it anyway, even if there are so few ppl interested, just because I can. Think about it this way: You'll get information on what I've updated straight to your mail-box. I might even start sharing MP3s via the mailing list, since other ppl have done that and it works fine for them. :) So get voting! Let me know if you are interested! :)

16-Mar-2003 08:21 PM

Gomen for not updating here sooner, but Tripod was being evil. There was a little while when it seemed to have even deleted the site. ::growls:: If it does anything like that again, I'm gonna move.

MP3s have been changed. This will be the last time they are changed, unless I find a better host. So I've put the last 5 tracks of the .hack//SIGN OST I up.

Hopefully you'll have noticed this before, since I wasn't able to update here any time sooner, but Chobits episode 2 is available for downloading! ::sweatdrop:: Alright, I'm deleting it tomorrow to make way for episode 3, so if you haven't got it already, you're going to need to be quick! :)

I'm still working on the Streamload list... well, actually I haven't done too much on it. Streamload is tending to take ages to do anything so most of the time I'm just playing minesweeper waiting for it, and there's only so much of that game that I can bare before I have to kill something. ;) Once I've done a sufficient amount, I'll upload. There is no way I'm waiting until I've gone through all the files, cos that will just take too long! Hopefully I'll reach this 'sufficient amount' (probably when I read 'E') soon, and have it ready for you!

One final thing: I'm considering making a Yahoo! Group for this site, where I can post news, and all you visitors can talk to each other, and I can get opinions and whatever. Now the question is: Should I bother? Will anyone actually join up? ::sweatdrop::

I'll be back tomorrow with the next Chobits episode. Get voting and see you then! :D

06-Mar-2003 05:44 PM

Ok, I've done a few things now. First, you probably noticed I've removed the disclaimer from here. It's been moved to just the download mini-site. Should have done that a while ago, since ppl could easily by-pass it if they were just after downloads. :S

I've also added a guestbook. Thanks to Pan-chan for the suggestion. :D So go sign it! :P

Anime Download and General Anime Links pages have been updated. That's what took all the time, or I would have updated sooner. Always takes longer to go through those links that I expect. If I missed something, let me know! :) I was going to add a load of BitTorrent sites, but since you can get to them through other BitTorrent link sites, like, I left it. I'm too lazy. :P

1 last thing, publicised the email of one of the artists here, Bill H. If you have any comments on his pics, you can send them to him now. :)

Phew! That's everything. As to what I plan to do now, looks like it's time I tried and update those Streamload lists. Been a while since I've even thought about that, never mind tried it. ;) I haven't been able to upload any of my own files for quite some time now (before V.2) >( But plenty of nice ppl have sent me files, so I'll get to sharing them when I can. So I'll hopefully be back soon with plenty more stuff. :D

03-Mar-2003 04:16 PM

Chobits ep01 has been uploaded! It was a close race between Fushigi Yuugi and Chobits, but Chobits finally won the poll. :)

I don't know how much work I'll get done later today. Got Maths tutor coming soon and she's going to be making me sit another exam paper, so I'll probably be brain dead afterwards, but I'll try and make some sort of update this evening.

02-Mar-2003 08:57 PM

I'm back! :D Had a nice little break and feeling so much better about updating here now. :) Got plenty of stuff for you now.

On the download site, MP3s changed and manga deleted. I was looking for ways to lighten the work-load I get for this site so I can concentrate on other things as well. Since Angel Sanctuary can be downloaded elsewhere anyway, there's little point in me having it. I've also changed how often the MP3s will be changed. It's now every 2 weeks. Also, if you are wanting to download a specific MP3, then you can request for me to put it up. I've got 2 more Sharemation accounts now to upload them to. :)

On the main site, I've uploaded 2 new fanarts for Final Fantasy 7 and a new fic that continues on from Dragonball GT.

Tomorrow, I'll be uploading the 1st episode of the next series. It's going to either be Chobits or Fushigi Yuugi, depending on which finally wins the poll. Don't forget to make your vote!

I'll also be updating random pages, such as links. Depends how much work I can get done. See yah then! :)

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